Brand New E-course – Structuring the Soul of Writing

I have just launched my much-asked for Creative Editing E-Course – Structuring the Soul of Writing.

I consider this to be the second part to my Your Authentic Voice course which I have been promising for years – it’s been over 4 years in the making. I couldn’t decide whether to make it a book or a course – but in the end I felt like there was so much that folks would miss out on if it was just a book. So as well as the written teaching materials, there are audios, videos, a Zoom call and a dedicated Facebook group.

The course starts on September 9th and runs for 4 weeks.


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Do you long to share your voice further, and see people respond…but

know that your current words are a tangle?

Do you want to offer your work for publication – whether that be articles

for magazines or blogs, creative anthologies…or a book manuscript?

Have you started a book with great gusto and then gotten stuck?

Do you have a first draft but don’t know how to edit it?

Do you want to learn how to edit your own work in order to self-publish?

Structuring the Soul of Writing is for you.

Structuring the Soul of Writing is a brand new e-course from multiple Nautilus award-winning author (Burning Woman, Medicine Woman, Creatrix) and founder of Womancraft Publishing, Lucy H. Pearce. It is a hands-on, guided experience in intuitive editing and creative structuring offering a unique combination of practical, technical and soulful ways of working with your words on every level.

It is packed full of tried and tested creative editing techniques that she uses in her daily working life as the author of a dozen books and professional editor for fifteen years, first at Juno magazine and more recently at Womancraft Publishing.

This four-week course takes you from first idea to publication-ready text, laying out all the steps needed on the path. We cover:

· How professional writers actually write and how it differs from what you may have learned about writing in school and/or university.

· What creative editing is and why it matters.

· How and why this approach works for creative and neurodiverse folks.

· How to come up with ideas for every length of writing from engaging blog posts and articles to books…and then write them.

· How to structure your own writing creatively.

· Connecting to your reader.

· Overcoming creative blocks.

· How to use Word to create structured documents.

· How to cut your work.

· Working with flow to create rhythm and tempo in your work.

· Practical editing tips and techniques.

Is this course right for me?

Structuring the Soul of Writing is ideal for you if…

· You are creative, intuitive or right-brained.

· You work with flow or energy in other areas of your life.

· You have been writing for a while and are ready to take the next step to shape your work to share it with the world.

It is NOT for you if…

· You want an academic or traditional editing approach, with focus on grammar.

· You are wanting Lucy to edit your work for you.

· You need lots of one-to-one support.

· You want a simple, generic formula to create a book in 30 days.

· You want a professional qualification in editing.

· It comes with no guarantees that your work will be accepted for publication.

About Your Teacher

Lucy H. Pearce is driven by a need to create, connect and inspire. A best-selling author, vibrant artist, respected publisher and editor, her work focuses on self-knowledge and healing through creativity, archetypes and cyclical living. She gives voice to the soul: the spiritual, the liminal, the darkness and discomfort and the magical in the midst of the mundane. Often described as raw, authentic and life-changing, her work encourages authentic paths to self-expression and is celebrated particularly by highly sensitive and neurodivergent women.

With a degree in History of Ideas and English Literature from Kingston University, and a graduate degree in teaching English and Drama from Cambridge – words, ideas and their free expression lie at the heart of her work. She has taught through the arts for nearly 20 years, in schools, private classes and online. A Chapterhouse trained copy-editor and proofreader, she was Writer’s Bureau runner-up writer of the year in 2010.

Her books include Nautilus Silver Award winners – Creatrix: she who makes; Medicine Woman and Burning Woman and #1 Amazon bestsellers Moon Time and The Rainbow Way.

She was contributing editor at Juno magazine for six years, where she wrote a column, edited and commissioned articles, proofread and did author interviews. Her work has been published in dozens of online and print media outlets including: Tiny Buddha, Rebelle Society, Oh!, Green Parent, The Irish Examiner, Modern Mum…and has contributed to a number of book anthologies.

Lucy is the founder and creative director of Womancraft Publishing, established in 2014, which publishes life-changing, paradigm-shifting books by women, for women.

She is the mother of three and lives on the south coast of Ireland in Co Cork.

Instagram @lucyhpearce @womancraft_publishing


How does this course work?

The majority of the material is in a written manual, with some supplementary video and audio resources. It is made up of a mixture of instruction, techniques, practical exercises and workshopped examples of how Lucy edited her bestselling books She of the Sea and Burning Woman.

This is an online course. Course material will be distributed weekly by email. The majority of the course materials are PDFs and there are also supplementary audios and videos. All are yours to download and come back to whenever you need in the future.

There is a Facebook group to connect with fellow course participants, share resources and ask Lucy questions. Previous students have remarked time and again on the caring supportive atmosphere in our Facebook groups. For those who do not use Facebook there is not an alternative for group interaction.

A group Zoom call with Lucy on Week 4, 7 pm UK time, on a day that suits most participants. It will be recorded and distributed to all students, and questions can be submitted in advance.

Is it just for women?

This course is welcoming of all genders, though Lucy’s courses tend to attract mainly women.

How techy do I need to be? What programs do I need?

You need to be able to read emails, open files in Dropbox, use Facebook and Zoom.

You need to be able to use a word processing program.

Microsoft Word on a laptop or desktop computer is recommended because of certain features that are very useful for editing. But if you do not have access to it then Open Office, Google Docs or Pages are all fine. Note that the Apple version of Microsoft Word does not contain all the features that we will be using.

I am autistic/ dyslexic/ English is not my first language, will I be able to do it?

Lucy is neurodivergent, as are many of her previous students. Please be aware if you are dyslexic or English is not your first language that the teaching materials are written and lengthy.

How long will I need to allow for the course each week?

In order to get the most from the course, I would recommend you have 5 hours a week to give it if you are trying to work through the material during the 4 week time frame. The materials are yours to come back to and work with but Lucy will only be active on the group to answer questions during the course.

Do I need to have the first draft of a book ready?

You do not have to have a preexisting piece of writing to work on, as you will be encouraged to write one on the first week. However, if you do have a lengthy article or book length project ready to work on, that is fabulous, but be aware that unless you are able to work full time on them you are unlikely to be able to fully edit them over the four weeks of the course, as well as absorbing all the taught material.

Will Lucy be editing my work?

No, Lucy will not be editing your work…she will be sharing what she knows so you can edit your own.

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