Writing a New World

As writers I feel we have a responsibility to engage in history, to be responsible witnesses to our own time. We are not separate. We are not blind to suffering. We are, in fact, aware of our intimate relation to all other beings, and are thus accountable, deeply responsible. We must connect the personal with the political, the political with the spiritual. And though we can only work from our particular place, our given spot in the world, the particular can be a place of great power – the cry of the human heart and the yearning of the human spirit are, after all, universal….

What you have chosen is a profound vocation of healing, and your stories and poems are as sacraments, as visible blessings. Be at the heart and soul of your time, not resigned to what is safe or peripheral. Try to free yourself from attachment to results, to awards, publications, praise, to indifference, rejection, and misunderstanding. Immerse yourself in the common ground of the universe so that your true voice – not the egoistic voice that clamors vainly for power (for it will ruin you if you listen to it) – your authentic voice, supported by sacred reality, may be heard. May your words illuminate your vision, find you compassionate, attuned to human suffering and committed to its alleviation.

Melissa Pritchard,

A Solemn Pleasure: To Imagine, Witness, and Write

As writers we get to infect the minds of thousands, globally, with new, actionable ideas. We get to share our private thoughts, gather tribes, connect with other like-minded individuals. Without having to leave home.

So every time you sit to write, every time you wonder if it matters. If it’s trivial, a waste of time. Remember this.

Words have power.

Your words have power.

If you have words and a way to spread them, you can be a player in the new wave of culture, the new consciousness.

Kept inside they will make you crazy.

Unleashed they can change the world.

One mind at a time. One reader at a time.

We are not just writers, we are world changers.

We are writing a new world into being, authoring a new era, a new culture. Our words are the seeds of a new world. Spread them far and wide.

Join me on the Your Authentic Voice e-course this May…and dare to break your silence.


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