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Upcoming Interviews

I have done quite a few interviews in the last couple of months, often having to re schedule multiple times because of ill health. These were two of my all-time favourite interviews, both dive deep, and they explore quite different terrain… but for anyone struggling to find their voice, put themselves out there, find their courage, and break their silence, these are two must-listens – both free to access and online.

Create. Teach. Give. Profit

How to turn your passion for writing & creativity into a profitable business that expresses your true value and makes a meaningful contribution

Interview with Alison Palmer on finding your voice… and building an intuition-based business.


Lucy quote 2

Interview with Krystal Alexander-Hille,

as part of her forthcoming event, Rebirthing the Planet – One Woman at a Time, the inaugural global summit celebrating the Sisterhood of the Divine Feminine.

I was one of her “throat chakra” speakers, talking about self-expression… and was channeling Burning Woman all the way!!! Starts 30th October, and is free and online. SIGN UP FREE

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