Visionary Women’s Council

Where are you at right now creatively? How clear is your vision? How is your relationship to your body? Where are you getting stuck?
Join me at The Visionary Women’s Council where twenty women: priestesses, healers, authors, coaches, creatives, intuitives, and conscious entrepreneurs reflect on how we have grounded our visions into form.

This online event starts tomorrow, September 12th.

In this council are powerhouse women that will share with you the embodiment practices and techniques to dispel the doubts and fears that are keeping you from shining your light and sharing your gifts. This is a true heart centered space, your curiosity and greatness are welcome here.
When you sign up, not only do you get the opportunity to sit with beautiful wisdom keepers but you get access to a vibrant community of other like-minded sisters on the visionary path.
Maga Ayala, a feminine leadership coach for visionary women has created this offering for you sister, the mystic dreamer, the compassionate healer, the creative entrepreneur, the artist, the inspired woman.

We’re not meant to birth our visions alone.Let us walk with you.

See you there!

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