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Holding Space for You in the Circle

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I am holding space for you in the circle. For your voice.

The circle is gathering… an international circle of women, from the US, UK, India and Spain has answered the call so far…looking to uncover, recover,discover, deepen their authentic voices.

Will you join us?

My much-loved online writing course, Your Authentic Voice, is running again this May. This is the only time I can find to run this popular course in 2017.

The course starts on Friday May 5th and runs for 4 weeks.

Enrolment ends midday (BST) this Thursday, 4th May.

Each Friday you will get an email with a link to the week’s written course material and exercises, a separate PDF of short readings to inspire and prompt reflection, and an audio, starting this Friday, 5th May. You have access to me via a friendly, supportive Facebook group for the duration of the course. The Facebook element is optional, but comes highly recommended by previous students. The materials are yours to keep and study at your own pace.

How much time do I need to commit?

My intention is for it to be totally manageable so that people can get into the habit of writing in the corners of their days, we have busy mamas and working women, so I’m mindful of not making the workload off-putting in any way. I’d say there’s about 40 mins reading each week, 20 mins listening and then the exercises should be done in 10 minute slots every day – most days. In reality you will spend about 2 hours a week, more if you really get into the writing practices, or spend a lot of time on the Facebook group.

This first week there is more reading because you have this orientation to the course.


Your Authentic Voice is unlike any other writing course I have seen before and has had a powerful impact on previous students. In it we dive far below the surface, connect to your courage and sidestep fear to uncover the voice you may only have sensed was there.

Your authentic voice

The one that aches to be heard. With the messages it is hungry to share.

In this course I share with you the powerful techniques I have developed for connecting to your authentic voice: the one that longs to be born through you.

This is the class that I have been looking for… and never found.
It promises to be an adventure you will not forget.

If you are prepared to answer the call.

To show up with courage.

And do the work.

Then I am here, as your guide.

Suitable for all levels of writers – from those just finding the courage to connect with their voice through their journal, to bloggers and professional writers.



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