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I’m Coming To America… Next Week!

Sometimes you put out a call. It may be silent. Or spoken. But it comes from the bottom of your heart. The depths of your soul.

Yesterday morning I woke early to a bright morning. After months of anxiety around the birthing of my most recent book, Burning Woman, all about women and power, I have been hiding in the shadows. Scared.

I woke calm and happy. I checked my Facebook whilst my family slept. My soul-mother, ALisa Starkweather, founder of the Red Tent Temple Movement, had put out a call to her event, the Daughters of the Earth Gathering. In Massachusetts. Every cell of my being longed to be there. I went straight to check flights. From Ireland to America.  But it was far beyond my reach. I shared the post. Along with a silent heart-call.

Image: Marsia Shuron Harris

To have your silent innermost call answered is nothing short of magic. Today that happened. A woman who has supported my voice, my spirit, from afar, with each courageous step I have taken: she stood for me.

She answered the silent call of my heart, addressing every unspoken barrier, smoothing my way, with such generosity, such understanding, such caring, that all I needed say was yes.

Please and thank you.

Yes. What a powerful word, to allow the magic to flow in.

And so I booked my ticket. To the other side of the world. With her support.

Even though my legs are quaking, and my hands are shaking. And it seems like the biggest risk in the world.

I will be there. With my books. And my very shaky hands.

Reaching far beyond my comfort zones, and time zones, to connect. Flesh to flesh, with the women who are creating change, right now, the women who are healing, the women who are dreaming new ways of being into the world, the women who have enriched my world for so long via the magic of the internet.

Will you join us? Will you answer the call?

Image: Marsia Shuron Harris

The time is right, the time is ripe, to take that risk, to reach out and connect. In person. To risk making magic together.

To heal, to hold, to talk, to laugh, to cry. In person. At last.

I believe that the world needs us women to come together right now. To take a chance, to lay aside our fears, our smallness, our limitations and anxiety and step beyond separation in to ourselves, into togetherness. Into yes. Into power. Across seas and state lines we are travelling. Across rivers and deserts to gather. Daughters of the Earth.

Together we can step out of our past, and into our power.

Together we are stronger, together we can vision new answers, together we can share support.

We are being called.

Will you answer?

Will you join us at the Daughter of the Earth Gathering? It’s next weekend, 24th-26th June at Earthlands, MA? I am longing to meet you at last.
See ALisa’s welcome video for the event here.

Image: Marsia Shuron Harris

P.S. My heart is breaking, just moments after I booked my flights, my husband told me of the horrific news of the brutal killing of British MP, campaigner and mother, Jo Cox. It feels it has been a week of senseless violence, killing and hatred of innocent souls around the world. I know that many of us are hurting so deeply, in so much fear and pain over the relentless hatred and violence that is happening in waves.

For me it fuels my own anxieties. It makes going to the US, away from my own family, much harder. But I am committed. And I know that the women there will be processing the darkness too. Giving each other courage and support. Finding new ways forward, where we are not crippled by fear or anger.


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