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The Bluebird of Happiness – Lucy H. Pearce

Your work sings a song
That only you can hear.
You may be too distracted, too scared
Too caught in the mirror of others to hear it,
Until one night
As dusk falls and the blackbird sounds its homecoming call
Behind its voice
You hear the calling which is yours
Beneath the rustle of the leaves and the dulling gold of the sun
There it is.
Calling you in a way
That only you can hear
Your soul shimmers in delighted recognition
Of its calling.
Will you follow it now?
However far into the wilderness it leads you?
Or will you remain close to shore, in the mapped shallows
Where you are known by the shell you inhabit?
Do you dare to follow the call
Though the night be dark and the fire in your home be warm?
Dare you follow the sparks that light your way
To the fire within?
Dare you give voice and form to that which calls your name
To be born into this uncertain world
Through you, its unique portal to incarnation?

Are you listening?


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