Yearning to Burn

Full moon rising, I am full of fire.

And crippled with pain and fear.

My hip and lower back frozen. And burning.

My body is trying to keep me safe, small and bed bound…

My soul is flexing its muscles. But I am scared.

I tell myself my fear of the few is greater than my passion for the many.

I tell myself that fear and pain are more powerful

Than the possibility waiting to be born through me.

The truth is I am scared.

Scared of what if…

I have the feeling that if I open my mouth and speak my truth

The world will fall out of my throat. And everything I love will be destroyed.

It feels safer to keep my mouth shut. To hold my silence.

I am scared that if I reach out I will be burned.

It is deep and old this fear.

Through this life time and life times before, it has held us tight.

Our guts in its hands, its hand at our throat.

Keep down, keep quiet… be safe it hisses.


you are weak

I believe both lies. Simultaneously.

As I step into my power, I see before me the next portal of fear.

I know this place.

You know it.


We have backed away from it many times.

We have passed through many times too.

But each one we pass through, another opens up before us.

What happens when we refuse to dance with fear, but step through instead?


At the same time?

I know I am not alone.

This is our time, to come out of the shadows and burn brightly.

These are burning times and they call for Burning Women.

Burning Woman is the heart and soul of revolution – inner and outer. She burns for change, she dances in the fire of the old, all the while visioning and weaving the new.

She is an archetype.

She is us.

We are her in human form.

Nobody said it would be safe. Or easy.

To move into new territories, we must be prepared to leave the safety of the known.

Inside. Outside.

This is the journey of the wise woman, the rebel spirit, the creatrix, the Burning Woman within.

She calls us to connect with our own power, and bring it out into the world.

She calls us to learn to stand in the face of other’s power that may burn us.

She teaches us to connect our power with that of other Burning Women.

As much as we are thrilled by it. We remember, from this life or lives before, that we can be burned. And so we resist, and tug back.

Bargaining for more time, for safety, for promises of security before we dare to step out in the fullness of ourselves.

But none can be offered.

This is not the way of safety.

Growth, power, truth require courage.


Come to the fire.

Feel it warm your skin.

Come to the fire

Feel it burn in your belly,

Shine out through your eyes.

Come dance in the fire,

Let it burn your prayers. Burn your fears.

Let your passion burn bright and light up the dark.


I don’t know about you, but my burning heart and soft skin do not fit well together.

We often imagine that the heroines of our lives were somehow immune to fear, or inhabiting an alternate reality.

That those who speak their truths do not fear losing everything as a consequence of their words and actions.

But Burning Women are real women. With real lives, real families, real fears.

Burning Woman is me, right now.

I live a small rural life, with real people who live normal lives… whilst I incite revolution inner and outer for a living. Half crippled by pain and fear.

I write books that I am scared to share.

I long for a world, a way of being which doesn’t yet exist. Ill at ease in this reality.

You may feel this way too, love.

Know that you are not alone.

All around you women are coming to the courage of their calling. They are daring to show themselves. To speak openly. The need to burn from within is overcoming the fear from being burned from without.

Seeing you step into your burning calls your sisters forward.

We are rising.

Burning Woman - Lucy H Pearce

Once again I am navigating the inner burning and the outer fear as I prepare for the birth of my fifth book, Burning Woman, in June. It is currently out with endorsers, including some absolute heroines of mine.  Beta readers have been breathless in their responses to it calling it “alchemical” and “one of the most powerful books I’ve ever read”… and these are the first couple of endorsements in so far…

“Are you a woman who yearns for something more? Do you feel the seed of a hot, rebel, spirit hidden inside somewhere? A wildness you’re not sure how to set free? With Burning Woman, author Lucy Pearce brings us a living, breathing manifesto for real women. A burning hot antidote to the vague and cool tones of the endless wave of self help and development books on the market. Digging deep into herstory, showing us the roots of our blocks and fears, sharing her own burning story, Lucy blazes the way for every woman to free the burning soul within. Take a deep breath and dive in.”

Awen Clement, founder MoonWise Woman

“Lucy burns a hole right through the fabric of our societal programming and identifies the true source of why even the most empowered women attempt to walk in their power only to hold back from fully stepping into it. Heal the “Burning Woman” and we’ll see a radical shift and healing in every aspect of our world.”

Suzanne Mathis McQueen, author of 4 Seasons in 4 Weeks

For the chance to win a copy of every book Womancraft Publishing bring out this year, for you and two friends, head over to the Womancraft Facebook page.

Burning Woman on tour

We are (gulps) planning a small Burning Woman tour to the south of England from late July to mid August. If you would be interested in hosting a reading/ signing/ workshop do be in touch.



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  1. Lorraine

    I hear you Lucy. You echo my reality, although I know it not to be true too. That is the dichotomy of walking this fire path.

    Keep on keeping on x

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