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Preserving Our Heartlands

Our inner landscapes mirror the outer landscapes in which we live.

Eila Kundrie Carrico, The Other Side of the River


I belong to this land.

This I know as truth, each time I walk this stretch of sand between the land and the sea, is my heartland.

It brings to mind the words of Eila Carrico that are freshly imprinted on my soul as I proofread her book all about water and its impact on our psyches one final time:

A person belongs forever to the land that claims her most persistently, calls her obsessively, shatters her conceptions of self, shapes her, and loves her so radically that her own heartbeat is felt in the soil.

It is no coincidence that this is where my first soul meeting with my husband was – this beach, around a fire circle. The deal was sealed under the stars, almost wordlessly, and all it took was time for it to unfold.

Usually I focus on the waves, yesterday they were fierce and churning, white horses on a beige sea, the spray coming off them, today it is a black and white photograph, no colour at all, and almost a mirror ocean. It is so still I feel like the only thing moving. The only colour.


My eye turns to the sand, to the almost imperceptible worm trails, the rivulets carved by the retreating tide and the fresh water springs, and the seaweed, sometimes after a storm you can sink knee deep in it, today it is draped, green, gold, brown and purple, the only dashes of colour on the monochrome shore, mermaid’s hair, braided by divine fingers, rippling over and around each other.


It is alive. The water, the land, the birds that wheel overhead and walk the freshly revealed sands. And it is not just the water that has ripples but the land and the sky too, ripples and tides, all in perfect majestic harmony.

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As the Paris Climate Change Talks come to an end today, may they find harmony and agreement in safeguarding this beautiful planet for us all, and our children’s children. May the storms be calmed.

May we find healing, between nations and between humans and nature.

May peace prevail. May our caring be strong.

A coalition of more than 100 rich and poor countries from across the planet, which was secretly formed six months ago, announced itself at the talks and said it was going to drive through an ambitious legal climate agreement!

But unless China, South Africa, Brazil and India come onboard, the deal won’t happen.


Join me and almost 500,000 people around the world in calling in one voice for agreement to be found in the climate change deal, so that we each, wherever in the world we call home, can safeguard our heartlands. Sign the Avaaz petition here.


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