Warning: This Book Could Change Your Life


Last week I heard from a mother who had read my book, The Rainbow Way: cultivating creativity in the midst of motherhood, and been inspired to quit her job to focus on making a living from her creativity. Her message brought me to tears.


Life-changing is a word I hear quite often in relation to my books. We hear it so often in this world of glitzy marketing, that it loses its power.

But never for me. As a women’s writer, I know which books have changed my life. Have opened doors for me, given me the resources I need at the right time… I know that life-changing is no small matter when you feel like you are barely existing. When you feel trapped, frustrated and alone.

This is why I write.

Other mamas have contacted me to say that I was the inspiration behind their creative businesses. Life-changing.

Many, many mamas from around the world have told me that it unblocked something within them and they had painted or written for the first time in years… or EVER.

I get letters and cards almost every week from mums so grateful to have finally been understood. To have had their creativity valued. To be seen in their depression or anxiety.

I am always deeply humbled by these responses to my book. Because I know how lonely it can feel to be a creative mama in a world that doesn’t value or understand you.

I loved Leonie Dawson’s endorsement of the book – because she got the raw need that it was written from.

I’m so f***ing glad Lucy wrote this book. I know that she wrote it because she was told to. I know it was dictated from the heavens. I know it because I can feel it when I read her words. When I got it, I consumed it whole within two days. I just couldn’t stop reading it. It felt like such a balm to my soul. I wish I’d had it at the beginning. I’m so glad it’s here now. Recommended for: Mothers. Every single one of them. Seriously. I mean it.

Kickstart Your Creativity

As mothers our creativity tends to get sidelined on a never ending to-do list of washing up and wiping bottoms. There may be a longing… but no time, no energy…

Perhaps the kids are back to school… and you thought you’d get creative… but then didn’t know where to start.

Perhaps you’re feeling stuck…

Perhaps your little ones are still tiny and you have lost your sense of self.

Or perhaps you’ve got a sister or friend in that situation right now.

I know that place all too well… it was the inspiration and motivation for writing  The Rainbow Way – it is THE handbook on how to get creative when you’re also a mother… how to get your groove back, reclaim your time and space… and why it matters. Because it does, it really does.

I was just on Amazon and noticed that the Kindle version of The Rainbow Way is just 99p/ 99c. I wanted to tell you, so you could get your hands on a copy for just pennies… a tiny investment that might just change YOUR life.

Please do grab this great offer while it’s there – pop it on your Kindle… or computer… or iPad… to read at your leisure… Or dive in now and prepare for lift off… for Operation Reclaim Your Creativity. And tell the other creative mamas in your life.

I have no idea how long this offer will last… The only other time it went on sale, a couple of months after its launch, almost two years ago, it sold just over 500 copies in 48 hours and topped multiple bestseller categories in the US and UK – from arts and hobbies, creativity and motherhood.

Featuring the wisdom of over 50 creative mothers...Head over to The Rainbow Way website to read free extracts, and see what creative mamas around the world have been saying about the book.

Creative Mothers… Your Feedback… Please!

Have you read The Rainbow Way already? Please, please do leave a review on Amazon. Your responses nourish me, and help more women find and be touched by my books.

Woman to woman, let’s make this world come alive with a hundred million rainbow dreams being lived.

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