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Vote for Us!

A hundred years ago women could not vote.

A hundred years ago we also did not have the internet.

But now we have both… so you can vote for this darling blog in the Blog Awards Ireland, 2015, where we have been shortlisted – for the third year in a row.

This year it’s for Best Arts and Culture Blog… and 30% of the marks come from readers votes. The rules are: you can VOTE – you don’t have to be Irish, or female, or a blogger…

Voting is open for two whole weeks…

So vote. Vote. Vote.

Just because you can!

(We were finalists last year… hurray!!! … that’s the ‘royal we’ there, it’s just one of me responsible for this rainbow coloured madness!! Although technically it was different awards… as in the Irish Blog Awards, rather than the Blog Awards Ireland. Politics, gah!  Anyway… last year’s acceptance speech included nipple tassels… as promised… and though we didn’t win – booooooo! – the speech was given from the comfort of my own kitchen, nipple tassels and all! So vote… and let me know what needs to feature in THIS year’s acceptance speech!!)

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