A Beginner's Guide to Self-Publishing

A Circle of Writers

The thing about writing is it can be a lonely business.

Just you. And the page.

Or the computer screen.

With your highs. And your lows. Your self-doubts.

And then, if you choose to go the self-publishing route… it carries on being lonely. The autonomy is great. The royalties are great. But all those little things that you want to run by someone, or you want to share… your friends don’t get it, your partner and kids don’t.

You need a circle of revolutionary self-publishing writers to hold space for you, who can answer your questions, offer advice and resources, cheer you on your way, keep you accountable.

People who get you and what you’re doing… because they’re doing it too.

This is what the Be Your Own Publisher Facebook group is. Your virtual crew of writing buddies… including me. There for you. To share your highs and lows on your journey through the land of making books. And that is just ONE part of the e-course – there is a whole library of PDFs, audios, videos and live calls to take you step by step through the process.

A Beginner's Guide to Self-Publishing
Join us at the Be Your Own Publisher
Just $199 for the Beginner’s Course and $299 for the Pro.
Want to know more about the course and see what current students are saying about it? Here you are!
Each time I run the course, I also curate a FREE author interview series to inspire and nourish writers… and readers. These are not hard-sell calls but heart-to-heart behind the scenes conversations between writers. The sense of camaraderie, and the rare opportunity of talking through a process which is usually so hidden and private… and exploring it with someone else who’s been there too… and is equally passionate about it always fills me up.
Be Your Own Publisher Interview Series Fall 2015

I’ve had so much fun talking to all the authors in this series… all of them heroines who live on my own bookshelves.  I am beyond excited that the day has arrived that I can start sharing them with you. They are so full of insight … on writing and publishing … but also on life. It has been so nourishing to connect with them, and I really want as many people as possible to benefit from hearing them. So please do tell all your writer friends!

Sign up for the interview series here

You’ll receive a complimentary copy of Module 1 of the Be Your Own Publisher e-course: Welcome to the Revolution! when you do.


How long are the interviews available for?

7 days love, so you can listen to them at your leisure. And if you buy the Pro Course you’ll have lifetime access to them.

What’s the difference between the Beginners and Pro course? I can’t decide which I need.

The beginners level is great if you’re just finding your feet and wanting to self-publish without getting too overwhelmed, it will help you to understand the whole process, get a good book out and get you started on knowing how to sell it. It sounds like this is probably what you’re needing.

If you’re wanting to really maximize sales, understand Amazon and work like a professional self-publisher, then the pro is for you. This time there are two extra live Q and A sessions on the pro course as well, on cover design and layout. And lots of author interviews. The majority of the people on the pro course had self-published before, and wanted to upgrade their skills, learn to package and sell their work more professionally. It doesn’t go more into getting a publisher (this is covered a little in Module Three).

I’m too busy to do it next month

The course is self-paced, so you get to do it at your own speed and start where YOU need. You have lifetime access to the course materials. The Facebook group is there when you need it. The live calls are scheduled, you can submit questions if you can make it live and recordings are sent to you afterwards.

What they’re saying…

I’ve been writing and writing and writing. Your words have unlocked something. It’s really helping. I’m letting go of getting myself tied up in knots and restrictions and writing more freely and openly. Thank you.
Paula Cleary (Spring 2015)


I often panic about spending money, but I am so thankful I have signed up to this course. Maybe it is just a simple sign to confirm to myself that I am a writer! And I have been thinking about how your course is so worth the money spent.

I have been finding the interview series so useful and inspiring. Feeling full of gratitude for the insight you share. All of this has given my writing new life. Thank you.
Nicki Wilkins (Spring 2015)


BYOP was of immense help in formatting my poetry manuscript, Night Cycles, for CreateSpace, Kindle, and IngramSpark. Night Cycles was not my first self-published book but, thanks to Lucy’s course, it is by far the most professional looking. BYOP saved me hundreds of dollars – instead of hiring a formatter, I was able to do it myself, with great results. Thank you!
Beth Morey (Spring 2015)


I am currently working on a new book and I have jumped around the program (it lets you do that easily) gaining inspiration from the knowledge shared, but most importantly, Lucy is like your own personal cheerleader – encouraging you, supporting you, egging you on through her content, her personal stories and her videos that make you feel like she is speaking directly to you.

I posted a few questions about the Kindle promotion on the BYOP private Facebook group, got some wonderful support from Lucy and others, and also read her section on Marketing and Promotion. I did a 2-day free give away and my kindle version went from being listed at #1,459,743 to being #2 in Motivation and #2 in Spirituality. What a treat that was!

I can’t say enough about this program. It is packed with everything you need to know starting with advice and guidance for writing your book, to options for publishing it, to marketing and promoting it and self care for yourself as an author.

If you are thinking about writing a book, are writing a book or have already written a book, the BYOP program is a valuable investment for you at any stage or phase of your writing career.
Christine Agro (Spring 2015)


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