New Sounds

Sound healing. It’s one of those old-new things. Spiritual disciplines around the world have used song, chanting and instrumental music as an integral part of their practices. They know the impact it has on human consciousness.

From humming to drumming to Tibetan singing bowls – recent research suggests that the influences of certain rhythms, sounds and vibrations can help us resist and recover from a wide variety of ailments.

Karen Olson

In his pioneering work on the power of sound and emotion to impact physical realities, Dr Emoto showed that sound waves – words, music, rhythms, have a dramatic effect on the formation of water crystals. Our bodies are 55-75% water. The sounds that surround us are literally shaping our very beings.

Our culture understands at a basic level the impact of music on emotional body and energy fields: elevator music to calm you down in a confined space, happy music to make you shop more in the supermarket, classical music to relax you in the doctors waiting room. Tens of millions turn up to music festivals each year for good vibes through the mass consumption of live music.

But the sounds we are immersed in can be so formulaic. The same songs, the same instruments… re-creating endlessly the bland homogeneity of the modern world.

If you are in need of some sound therapy to expand your sense of possibility, revolutionary sound waves, then I think you will love my round up of fabulous new instruments. Each creates sounds our ears have never heard in the history of humanity. Imagine what possibilities these might open up.


A galactic sounding instrument called the Yaybahar. I have NO idea how he makes these noises with such a simple looking instrument which took him 5 years to develop. I LOVE his studio too!

The Hang

The Hang is the older cousin of the Gubal (see below) – developed in Switzerland in 2000. These guys REALLY rock them.


The gubal was released in 2013 by the Hang team. I first heard it at our cherry blossom picnic this year when my sister played her new one for us. This is her painting to her own gubal recording.

A Whole New One Man Band

And THIS funky instrument – the coolest one-man band I ever did see. No idea what it’s called as it was posted in a Cyrillic language.

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  1. Carolyn Hughes
    Carolyn Hughes06-29-2015

    These instruments are crazy! Love your sister’s paintings. So bright and very beautiful 🙂

    • lucyhpearce

      Thanks Carolyn! She’s a very talented artist who’s really finding her own style. I am so proud of her.

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