Creative Womens Circle

Calling in the Creative Women’s Circle

A vision keeps returning. Keeps demanding to be heard.

In my head. In questions from others. Will you do more group calls? When are you going to teach writing? I need a creative circle…

I have so much content ready to go but the thought of formatting and launching all the separate classes and courses is just too much.

What I want is to share the work. I’m a teacher at heart. Not a designer.

The feedback from the Be Your Own Publisher course has been fabulous… and surprising. Having spent a year compiling the written course… and my husband spending 3 months formatting it… having put blood, sweat and tears into making it perfect… actually what everyone has loved the most is… ummm… me! My live calls. My teaching in person. And getting access to pick my brain on Facebook.

This is the feedback I get from my blogging courses too. People love the resources I gather, the way I combine the practical and the emotional… but most of all they love my passion… and humour. They find me inspiring. Gosh it’s weird writing that. But it’s what they say!

Lucy is a wise and powerful resource who will generously share all she knows (and it’s a lot!) Her warmth, sense of humour and nurturing provides a deep sense of support.

Her honest, raw creative and passionate nature cannot help but inspire you…to be you.


Lucy was immediately likeable, a ball of energy. It was like crossing the ultimate earth mother with Bridget Jones (not just down to the English accent) with Oprah Winfrey. … But most importantly she’s real…


I love teaching too. Teaching and writing are my twin callings.

So I’m showing up… and offering… not sure how to host it technically yet, but gauging interest before I start the ball rolling.

For those of you who have followed me a while now, you know my passion.

Creativity… and women. Supporting self-expression. Helping to birth women’s voices out into the world. Women’s circles. Sharing the creative process. Lifting the curtain on it. Sharing all the tools I come across. And trying to do it in a sustainable way.

Here’s the vision.

The dream.

The plan.

Creative Women's Circle

A creative women’s circle. Online.

For an affordable monthly price. Say £12

You can opt in for the months you want. For a top up. A refresher. A session which calls you. A live class plus video replay…


You can pay for the year upfront and get access to my everything. My publishing course. My Pinterest course. Content from the other courses I have planned… no frills – heart to heart. All my e-books. A private Facebook group. And monthly live sessions. And discounts on private mentoring. Say £130. (If you’re already on the publishing course it’d be a special price for you.)

We’ll have writing classes. Group challenges. Circle support.

It will be a living, breathing place to create, connect and inspire with me, with yourself… and with a community of like-minded women.

What do you think? You interested? Not just “yeah, that’s a nice idea”, but…

Woah mama… yes please… I wanna have that in my life and that sounds like an affordable investment for me.

Pop your name in here and I’ll let you know when this baby is born.

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