Cherry Blossom Cakes

Joy Pockets

Goodness it’s been a long time since I’ve shared my little pockets of joy. Here there are:

Our cherry blossom picnic – a highlight of my year every year. Family and friends gathered and my sister shared her new instrument, a gubal – my new favourite… listen here… or watch the short video

A camera phone – I so enjoying being able to take pics again. I’d forgotten what a simple please it is and how much I enjoy it.

A second invitation to stand for the Green Party – very touched.

My body’s letting me eat little bits of wheat again. So hot cross buns and butterfly cakes.

cherry blossom cakes, o hanami, sakura

Breathing space.

New hippy trousers – for a girl who loves patchwork.


Writing a new book… it’s been so long. Did I tell you how much I love writing?

Playing car journey games with my wacky kids – “I went to the pet shop and I bought: a baby T-rex, a holographic unicorn and a constipated chicken!”

Seeing old friends and dear friends.

A husband who holds me through panic attacks and makes me laugh in the midst of anxiety.


Spring. I love spring. Sunshine without too much heat. Green and flowers and no expectations. Just bubbles of joy and newness.

So many parents waving to me as I walked to work… maybe they don’t all hate me.

My big little girl turns 7 – how far we have come.

Please do share your joys this week – big and small.

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