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The Counter Culturalist Joins Instagram

There are a group of people (beloved by businesses) called “early adopters”. These are the folk who wait in line for three days just to get their hands on the next Apple product. Whether or not they want or like it. Because it’s cool. And they’re cool. And therefore they need it.

I am not that person.

I have not, I can assure you, EVER been cool. All my life I have been longing to be 35. And this year I get my wish!

I am the person who every 5 years celebrates because the “boho gypsy” look I wear on a daily basis has “come back” into fashion and I can replace my bedraggled wardrobe.

There are other things, which prove my lack of mass-market cool, street cred and general down with the trends of the day:

  • Titanic.
  • Chia seeds.
  • Avatar.
  • Boy bands.
  • Green Smoothies.
  • G-strings.
  • Twitter.
  • Moulin Rouge.

These are just some of the things that I resisted trying for a couple of years after they came out – because I was so goddamn sick of hearing about how fucking wonderful they were. I knew I wouldn’t like them. But eventually I decided to stop being such a stubborn counter-culturalist. And tried them.

Meh! I was right. They are as sucky as I suspected.

And then there are other mass-love ins.

  • Nike sports shoes.
  • 50 Shades of Grey.
  • Zumba.
  • Coconut oil for… everything.

To mention but a few fads which I am the only human on earth never to have partaken of. And somehow lived to tell the tale.

And then there are fancy phones. You know, the ones that do more than just phone people. In fact you’re probably reading this on one right now!

And Instagram.


They had been on my resistance list for a long time. Especially as I have a husband who is a bigamist with his iPhone.

But I always felt a bit left out of the “I can take and share wonderful photos” brigade. Especially as a blogger. And I have zero confidence with fancy cameras.

So now I have a fancy phone (well, I thought I did, but according to my PA – still like saying that 😉 –  it’s the sort of phone she’d get her 12 year old.) I can take photos. And put them online.

So I am on Instagram. At last.

I thought it would be meh… just a load of arrogant sods taking photos of their dinner.

But I was wrong.

It is a thing of beauty. And I feel very, very silly for being so late to the party. It is packed full of inspiring creative souls who I want to immediately claim as my BFFs IRL. People who seem to like close ups of flowers and rainbow cakes as much as me. Who make funky art and hang out at festivals. Who do art and have kids… oh it’s heaven. There are so many people just like me on there who I have not come across on other social media.


And I can join in now. And I can do funky filters with the best of you, and pretend it’s 2008 and I’m an early adopter!

I have joined the cool club – at last! – will you be my friend?

I’m dreamingaloudnt and I post art, creativity, colour, food… and lots of flowers!

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