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You are a Creative Revolutionary

Pssst, I have a secret to share with you. Are you one of us?

Let’s do our special handshake…

Great. You’re in! Here it is…

Creativity is a revolutionary act.

Which makes you, my love, a fellow revolutionary.

Yes, yes, I know you might not feel like one right now, checking Facebook on your phone whilst you drink a stone cold cup of tea in your messy kitchen whilst the kids fight or the dog is howling to go out.

But you are.

The reason that creativity is SO challenging, is that it requires us to choose to prioritise our time and energy in a way that is not socially sanctioned or approved.

At least not until you get famous. Or rich. Then you get cultural approval all over again – thanks to our celebrity-mad world.

But everyday creativity, stepping into your creative power… makes you a revolutionary.

Creativity requires from us that we put our own desires, our own dreams, our own visions, our own priorities ahead of those laid down for us by our society and culture. Which is something we’ve been conditioned not to do since birth.

We put our energy into owning and manifesting our OWN visions. Rather than keeping up appearances or sustaining someone else’s dream.

When we choose to be creative we choose:

  • To put writing ahead of ironing. (If you’re superwoman you manage both… we’ve all seen that I am NOT superwoman!)
  • Making jewelery ahead of polishing the silverware.
  • Painting pictures ahead of painting our nails… unless nail art is your creative passion… it is for me some days… but then I paint them for me, not because I will be ashamed to have unpainted nails…
  • Chaos ahead of order.
  • Possibility ahead of certainty.
  • Process before perfection.
  • Soul before selling out.
  • Personal satisfaction ahead of money and status.

When you choose creativity, you choose to re-make the world in your own vision, rather than passively swallow it whole. Or follow someone else’s rules.

When you choose to create you choose vulnerability over safety.

To hear me talking more about this check out my interview today with Hali Karla, creator of the wonderful Spectrum 2015 course dedicated to creativity and healing.


When you choose to create, you are a revolutionary, a brave warrior, a love-bombing terrorist of peace…

Even though at the time it just feels like…

Putting some paint on some paper.

Or some words on a page.

And failing miserably.

A waste of time.

Every time you create you are re-learning how to step into your own place of power.

You are learning how to live outside of your comfort zone.

And every time you share your creativity

you are helping to revision the world.

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Be your own Publisher e-course: Free Promotional Interview Series

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  1. Emily

    I always knew I was a revolutionary!! The e-course looks fantastic (just WELL DONE, what a mammoth amount of work that must have been), I’ll share on my page tomorrow for sure. I hope it is outstandingly successful for you Lucy xxx

  2. Molly

    Loved this, Lucy! Thank you!!

  3. riga

    LOVE IT!!!
    X X

  4. Lucy Pearce
    Lucy Pearce02-13-2015

    Thank you all! Creative revolution is definitely where it’s at for me in my Dreaming Aloud mission.

    Yes, Emily, it has been an absolute marathon – blood, sweat, tears, passion, research, and an absolute mission to shape and organise that amount of material – almost 100,000 words. Plus videos, audio… plus the small thing of figuring out SO many new tools and technologies to create it.

  5. Tricia

    I Love this. Creation is a process, it definitely way ahead of other things. Thanks for sharing because sometimes I feel guilty for not doing other things first or vice verse

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