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Just a quicky – as we are beavering away on the Be Your Own Publisher e-course which launches at the end of the month.


Be sure to sign up HERE for the FREE interview series which starts on the 23rd February.

It will be a must listen for all self-publishers and wanna-be self-publishers…

You’ll also get the first module, “Welcome to the Revolution” FREE  when the launch starts… as well as other self-publishing goodies you will NOT want to miss…


I’ll be able to remind you when it launches, so you can get the early bird price!

Sign up HERE

(This is NOT the ordinary Dreaming Aloud mailing list.)

In other exciting news I am on the Creative Giant Show podcast. This was a great interview with one of my own heroes.


We talked about:

  • What is a Creative Rainbow Mother – the type that struggles with really being a mother
  • What is the Crazy Woman Aspect – the shadow of the Creative Rainbow Mother
  • The importance of being able to flip between multi-tasking and uni-tasking
  • Limiting beliefs that women and creatives struggle with
  • You have to prioritize time for your creativity
  • Having small creative projects to work on can help keep you sane
  • How men and women relate differently to productivity tips
  • Ways men can support the creative woman or mother
  • A woman’s mood and creative energy levels vary depending on her cycle
  • Ways of cultivating creativity during motherhood
  • Myths and assumptions about what being a mother does to one’s creativity
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  1. Suzi Banks Baum
    Suzi Banks Baum02-05-2015

    Hurray for you! I can’t wait to listen in. Charlie is involved with the #Quest2015 project I am working on with Jeffrey Davis. Charlie inspired a whole round of blog posts with the tag #Stop on Twitter and FB. I think you are a Creative Giant. And I think it hilarious that you talked to Charlie one day and me another. YOU do collect resources so well. #takingnotes


  2. lucyhpearce

    🙂 Thanks Suzi! Loved our conversation – can’t wait to share the interview with EVERYONE!

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