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The Art of Healing


Healing is a willingness to show up and be vulnerable again and again and again…

It is a willingness to look at what might be painful and to stand there with it and inquire into it. To be in the process of whatever seems to be painful and to let it change forms.

We are attached to our old stories and we feel the same story again and again… the key to healing is show up with new questions and allow our pain to teach us new things, rather than defining it or being defined by it. We need to allow ourselves to be curious and allow what needs to come through to come through it…

Lucy Pearce direct lining it from the muse, in conversation with Hali Karla’s Holistic Creative Chats http://www.halikarla.com/holistic-creative-chat-with-lucy-pearce/

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    Great stuff! X

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