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Top Tips for Tsu… or Tsu Part Two!

tsu-1-652x336There is scepticism out there about tsu (What’s Tsu? Check out my introduction to it here.).

Especially about the get-rich-quick way of selling it.

Let’s clear something up straight away. You won’t get rich quick on tsu.

In the first two days I made nothing, the next three I made three cents a day (with 70+ “children”, 80+ followers and a network of 130). BUT that’s still nine cents more than I’ve ever made off Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter combined. The next few days have been between 1-3 cents a day, but I’ve been on it less.

From having used it I don’t think it’s a scam. I think it’s a very well designed social media site that has learnt from all the good and bad points of the existing ones.

Some users are having issues with spam. I’ve had a few approaches from non friends, but no more than I do on FB.

For me it’s like FB and Pinterest have got together and made a baby. A calm, chilled out baby. Lots of high quality content, and no sob stories. I feel like the money focuses people’s minds to share good stuff.

Where does the money come from and how do you really earn it? From a combination of sharing popular content… and click throughs on adds. That’s a little vague – though they’re up front about  how it’s shared out.

How to optimise your sharing

1) Think content – blog posts work well – thanks to the display which shows the first few lines plus a lovely large image. It give Pinterest quality images but bigger – and a FB type post introduction.

2) Use hash tags – makes your posts discoverable to people outside your immediate circle.

3) The distinction between Friends and Followers is great. Use it.

4) Still loving the stats – good and clear. You can see at a glance how many people have seen, liked and commented on each post. And all your income, followers, and children. Simples.

5) You can Pin direct from Tsu – unlike Facebook. I like this. A lot. Cuts out the copy and paste middle man.

6) Good stuff to post: great photos, art work, books, movies, blog posts, articles, strong memes, podcasts…

So there we have it – hope that helps. Do join me over there.


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