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My Tangled Passion

I’m back zentangling again, after more than a year of not doing it…zentangle Collage

I do enjoy it. And my kids enjoy doing it beside me.

I’d stopped because I was getting disappointed with my results. Getting back to it I realised that there are a few key things to doing it, and doing it well.

1) Don’t cut cornphoto 5ers. At any point. This in itself is GREAT practice for me, queen of impatience. The only way to do a zentangle is slowly and methodically. No rushing, focus on one pattern at a time. Be totally present with it.

2) Use a good pen – either a Sigma or Sakura. Nothing too thick, or too scratchy, something with an even ink flow and fine enough nib.

3) Use thick enough paper.

4) Draw yourself a box to start (if you don’t have tiles) so your work is confined, and you’re not photo 4having to fill acres of space (about 9cm square is great).

5) Sit at a table, in good light. Don’t cut corners! Doing it in bed leaning on your knees doesn’t work. Your hand needs to be well supported and you need to be able to press firmly.

6) Don’t cut corners – draw the “string” with your pencil.

7) Keep adding new patterns in to your repertoire so you don’t get bored and your tangles don’t get too saphoto 1mey.

8) Set yourself themes to keep yourself focused and inspired – themes might emerge based on flow and the patterns used, or they might be deliberate. Recent themes of mine have included: gears and mechanics,  underwater, haberdashery and trees… Want to be set a challenge? I Am the Diva has a great, free, weekly challenge:




Curious about zentangles? Want to know more? This is the book I used to learn – from all the reviews I’ve read it’s the best around…

a zen

This is my Pinterest board where I gather new tangles to learn and help inspire over 6,000 other creatives.

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