Want to Shine? Lighten Up

The thing about us creatives and dreamers is we can take ourselves kind of seriously. I own that. Conscientious was the most common word on my school reports. And I am.

We are ambitious. And fearful. And driven. And perfectionist. We want to do good. Lots of good. To have our work recognised/appreciated/ taken seriously.

We are trying really hard to be the change.

We try so hard to get it right. To do our best.

We long to shine.

And sometimes we try too hard.

Recognise yourself? Yup?

Then this one’s for you and me both.

Lighten Up, Love!

A tight grasp crushes dreams. Stop grasping and gently let yourself open. Let there be flow…in and out. Let yourself be supported so you can shine. Allow gaps for the magic to flow through. Allow there to be wild unconquered corners – no need to map and vision the whole terrain, or brand it and dominate it.

Stop trying so hard and trust that you shine already.

Stop trying so hard. Stop working at it. Just for a moment and play instead.

Make mischief. Be powered by delight.

Lit up with pleasure.

In some cultures, when someone reports to the shaman with depression they ask: When did you stop dancing?

_In many shamanic societies, if you came

Hey love, when did you last dance? When did you learn to believe that a spreadsheet or Facebook post is more important to your shining your light than dancing wildly?

I dare you to dance. To move your body, shake your booty.

Dance with your kids. Or your lover. Or your dog. In the kitchen.  And let your belly wobble. (Did this last week as we cleared the dishes – to the Macarena – it comes HIGHLY recommended!)

Make audacious mistakes – and laugh out loud at them with your audience.

Get paint on your clothes. And cake batter on your lips.

Lighten up.

Take off your corset.

Breathe easy.

Allow desire to quickstep up down your spine and into your knickers.

Sing loud and out of tune. With people you love.

Be irreverent AND sacred.

Have humour AND hubris.

Be playful AND perfect.

Silly AND sincere…

Allow there to be lightness into your light you shine on the world.

This will light you up from the inside. Then your shine will be bright, authentic, sustainable and magnetic.

Don’t be too serious in your ambition. When you get serious, you harden, you stiffen, you cut off from the energy of others around you, from the flow of things – trying to impose your mindset and perfection on the world. Lighten up. Let it flow through you. Lighten up.

So it can flow through you. Focus on staying connected to your source, to your self, to the people you’re serving. Be there.

Lighten up so you can shine.


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  1. mandythompson

    I love this spontaneous dance idea! Had some dance-time in the grocery store with my two baby girls just the other day. I’m not one to dance in non-dancing places like that, but one of them is and she called the brave right out of me and we had a little dance time. It was really fun. Maybe I should take them shopping more often!

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