How I STOPPEDtrying To Be

How I Stopped Trying to Be Superwoman and Took on a Dream Team

How I STOPPEDtrying to be

Bet you didn’t know I had a body like THAT under my floaty hippy skirts!!

“I’ve got enough work for three of me.”

This was me. To anyone who would listen. In 2013.

Not enough money for three of me. Just work.

But sometimes it takes a little lot of time. And courage.

After years of being a lone wolf, I realised the inescapable truth. I can’t do this alone. I was trying to do the work of three… but with no money to pay for help I found myself stuck. And exhausted. And barely keeping my head above water. Burnout anyone?

It’s not that I didn’t know what I needed to do. Or how to do it. I’d read Leonie Dawson’s How to Hire a  6 Figure Team. Nodded my head. Wrote out my requirements.

And then parked them on my iPad for a year. Too scared to act on them – my business is too complicated to hand over. What if I’m a bad boss. I can’t afford help. No one would want to work for me. It’s easier to do it myself. I LIKE to do stuff myself. And be in control. I work quick. I know where everything is…

You know, that sort of stuff.

Until I hit the next November bottle neck and knew I didn’t want a repeat of the year before. Where my muscles had literally frozen in the stress.

Well, that’s not exactly true. I asked a woman I knew to help out. Then promptly freaked out. And tried to carry on doing it all myself not sure how to begin handing stuff over.

Every blogger and artist and their dog seemed to have an assistant or three. A web designer. A head of distribution. “My assistant will be in touch,” they’d say. And I was just me. People were amazed that when they emailed it was me who answered. When they ordered a book it was me who packed and posted it. And wrote the books. And promoted them.

The first time I drafted in help was to create the new Dreaming Aloud website. Cos that was something I really COULDN’T do myself. I needed a pro to get it the way I wanted. I had come to the end of my own abilities.

“My” web designer was my gateway drug into the world of hiring people and team building. And admitting out loud that I needed help. And others skills and time and input. So that I can have time to do what I am best at: writing, editing and teaching. There is so much stuff coming through me. So much which I don’t get to share. That gets put to one side, when I’m busy trying to juggle all the balls by myself.

So I needed my own circus troupe. So that the show could go on. And grow. Bigger and more beautiful.

There was one thing stopping my step up to the next level. And that thing was the inconvenient fact that despite my attempts to prove otherwise. I am not superwoman. And I only have 24 hours in a day.

So I put together my call for assistance. And put it out there. One position was paid. Not as much as I would like to pay. But more than I earn for every hour I work. The others were bartered. A couple of hours a week, in exchange for mentoring, books, e courses… and experience.

I felt scared.

I did not expect what happened next.

Response after eager response flooded in. I was blown away by the sheer quantity of people wanting to work with me.

With me!?!?! Who believed in what I was doing and wanted to be a part of it.

I picked my team… and made my apologies to those who I could not take on.

And now where once there was me, there are 6! Working in our various biznesses and creative enterprises.

I am now a person who leads team meetings! Some over biscuits. Some by Google Hangout. Some over the washing up! I have lots of people to call on. To run ideas past. To help with the hard work. I am not alone in it any more.

Meet the Dream Team…

Helping out on FaceboUntitled design(16)ok I have:

Amanda Krawczyk on the Dreaming Aloud page who lives in the beautiful English Lake District with her husband and two gorgeous young daughters. She is  passionate about creativity, spirituality, nature, family and community, so feels very at home in the Dreaming Aloud tribe!

OvAIbEiAIAAABECMGom7eGqY2YjgEiC3ZjYXJkX3Bob3RvKihkMmFjNjVmMjM4ZTEwMzhlMDZmYzRlMjVmZjkzYzdlYmJhMWE3ZmFmMAHZSycWHxkDpuSdT42r73jcie6V2wer on The Happy Womb page we have Lou Hayden who is the owner of Wise Woman Well Woman Holistic Health originally from the UK she’s now based in Ottawa, Canada.

Lou is a women’s health & spirituality practitioner and registered Advanced Moon Mother.  She runs workshops, womb blessing circles, the Ottawa Red Tent (inspired by Moon Time) and offers private healing and coaching sessions for women of all ages and stages.

Connect with her atUntitled design(15)

Awen Clement is helping out on the Womancraft Publishing page is a creative mother of four living in Birmingham, UK.  She runs two small businesses, one working as a women’s celebrant and healer and the other as a virtual assistant for small women led businesses.  She is passionate about writing and independent press.

Connect with her at

Our first Google hangout was a great way to all meet virtually in one space. And we continue worky stuff in a secret Facebook lair. Oh, proper super heroes we are!

Untitled design(20)In the office for a few hours a week we have my sanity – otherwise known as my good friend and neighbour, and owner of the tidiest house I know, Sharon Dunne Dowdall. She is officially my personal assistant. Goodness how fancy that sounds out loud! She is dedicated to getting better systems in place to support our businesses and taking over a lot of admin from me which has been taking up most of my time. She also sometimes brings me soup. Wow, why an earth did I hold out so long?

And of course there is Mr Dreaming Aloud who is currently working magic on the graphic design of my forthcoming Be Your Own Publisher e course… oh I can’t wait to show it to you. Soon, my loves, soon.

So peoples, my advice to you is this. Get over yourself. Find a way to share the burden… and the fun. Find some support. Set your terms clearly. Pay. Or barter. Or exchange energy… whatever.

But don’t be doing it all alone. Together is far more fun.


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  1. Paula M. Youmell, RN, MS, CHC
    Paula M. Youmell, RN, MS, CHC02-06-2015

    Thanks for reminding me Lucy. I seriously need to let go of the stuff I do not do well (admin, house keeping, etc.) and open space for more time to do what I do well: healing work with motivated people!

    Good for you and thanks for sharing.


  2. Paula M. Youmell, RN, MS, CHC
    Paula M. Youmell, RN, MS, CHC02-06-2015

    PS Which post went viral?

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