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I believe in the good things coming

Very often I lose sight of what Dreaming Aloud is about. It is so nebulous. It covers so many different topics: gratitude, shame, world changing, creativity, depression, power, money, business, family life… I wonder what the connecting factor is. I worry that it needs to specialise far more.

Whilst I find it hard to put into an elevator sales pitch WHAT it is about. I know in my gut that all these aspects are a necessary part of a whole… I just lose sight of what that whole is…

And then, as I lie awake in bed, the wrong side of midnight. It hits me in full clarity.

So hit play on Nahko Bear here and listen whilst you read!

rainbowline-750 I believe that change is coming. In fact it is happening here, now.

Massive change.

Paradigm shift.

Inside. Outside.

Micro. Macro.

I believe that each of our voices is needed to bear witness to this change. To share our stories. To partake in the reweaving. To co-create it… rather than sit passively by or be swept up in the chaos. Inner and outer.

These are revolutionary times.

Our inner transformation can, and will have a direct impact on the end results. On the bigger shifts happening in our world right now. This is certain.

This is not a warm fuzzy platitude or spiritual mumbo jumbo.

This is the truth which lights my way through the darkness.

Your voice has power. Your embodied being has power. We are powerful.

If we can find ways to connect with this power and express it.

And the technologies here and now are allowing us to do that on a global scale.

In this age of Twitter and Edward Snowden and blogs and virtual collaboration. The Arab Spring. The Occupy Movement. They are the first seedlings. The tap roots. The indicators of change that is possible with a few engaged individuals. Willing to live change.

The books, the speakers, the art out there shapes the people and ideas that co-create the zeitgeist. Words and images impact the consciousness of those who witness them.

YOUR art, your books, your voice can be part of that.

Our new visions can and will and ARE creating new realities. Combined they can create an entire culture different in texture, motivation and soul to the current status quo.

But they don’t unless they are shared. And seen.

And for most of us this takes enormous courage. And vulnerability. We have to learn to access our inner wealth. Learn to stand in our power and own our shadows. And to realise how vital it is that we know our stories, share our images.

We first need to learn these skills in every dimension of our own worlds… financial, emotional, sexual, domestic… and as we do, we are called to simultaneously learn about applying them in the outer world.pebble_logo_flipped

Even though they are not fully formed.

We have to learn to courageously share them. To meet each other in our vulnerability.

From here springs true power.

The learning we are doing now. The learning I am sharing here on Dreaming Aloud is this learning how to fully embody integral change. Tapping into my inner flow. And into the outer flow.

It is nothing short than a new way of living. Internal and external.

Though I often feel weird, alone or discouraged, this blog, my work has shown me time and again that I am not.

We are ALL being called by necessity, by evolution, to become fully creative, engaged, self-sufficient communities – fully engaged, fully connected beings – conscious users of our full power.

It can be scary. It requires learning, deep learning… and unlearning. To break with the dogma and shame based hypnosis of our status quo.

It requires that we move out of passive being, into active, creative autonomy. There is little or no support for that out in the status quo. Because the status quo wants things exactly as they are.

The awakening to our creative power requires that we break through fears.

Lots of fear.

Our own personal fears and those handed down to us by generations that came before. So that we can dream, vision and live a new way forward.

But first we have to learn it personally. To practice it. Day in, day out. By living it. By embodying it.

And we muck up a lot. And we figure it out as we go.

The new way is not theoretical, or based on logic. It is creative, dynamic, embedded in the cycles of nature and our own bodies.

It requires that we learn how to tap into this vibrant, ever present shared consciousness – as individuals and communities. That we learn how to access this consciousness and use it to infuse our creative acts.

Now is the time that we are learning this.

You may call it writing a blog. Or learning to paint. Or writing in your journal. Or self publishing. Or creating a living which supports you and your family on more levels than just the financial. Or starting a womens group. Or improving your sex life. Or understanding your menstrual cycle. Or meditating. Or creating a community garden. Or becoming a more mindful parent…

But it is all the same thing.

These are revolutionary acts.

In learning to create. To co-create. To take creative responsibility. To learn to listen deeply, and respond deeply. In learning to honour the call of our own hearts above the clamour of our culture… we are dreaming a new world into being.

We don’t have all the answers. We aren’t doing it perfectly. This a a messy revolution. And inner revolution which feeds and seeds the outer revolution.

This is the creative revolution. Perhaps the first in history which is rooted in personal and collective creative power.

This is the point of Dreaming Aloud. To share my part of that journey. To embody my learning. On every level. To support you in your journey – of creating, connecting… and inspiring others.

The most important kind of freedom is to be what you really are. You trade in your reality for a role. You trade in your sense for an act. You give up your ability to feel, and in exchange, put on a mask. There can’t be any large-scale revolution until there’s a personal revolution, on an individual level. It’s got to happen inside first. ~ James Morrison 


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  1. riga

    Thank you Lucy! Just exactly where I am at right now too! And we all need to hear it! X X Riga.

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