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All I Want for Christmas

This time of year most of our focus is on Christmas preparations.

And gifting. Both getting what others want. And focusing on what we want to receive ourselves.

It is very easy to say – “oh me, I don’t want anything!” Our motivation maybe ecological (I don’t need more stuff), anti-capitalist (Christmas is commercialism gone mad) spiritual (I don’t NEED anything) or simply from not wanting to admit to what we desire.

I don’t NEED anything. I don’t WANT anything. That is the mantra of a lot of women.

And yet…we, who apparently don’t believe in all that, run ourselves ragged trying to give everyone else in our lives a wonderful Christmas full of thoughtful gifts of love.Whilst insisting we don’t count.

I know. In fact… I did it this year. I crashed a car last week which needs replacing and isn’t covered by the insurance…so I said no gifts for me. I don’t deserve anything after wasting so much of our money. And I really meant it.

But then I changed my mind. I realised that I have been busting my ass to make money for this family. To get them perfect gifts. To make them camel costumes and create magical memories aplenty.

I DO deserve something too.

The list below includes things from $6-$600, some things I’m gifting myself (I ALWAYS gift myself at Christmas and birthday times, crashed car or not). Almost all of them are created by women: writers, teachers, artists… These are gifts to make you feel good on EVERY level. To nourish and support you. To make you glow. Maximum love and joy – minimum waste or excess.

Some of the things below I am lucky enough to receive as gifts for being a contributor…and some of them are still on my wish list! Some links are affiliates, some not – with all of these things I am recommending them because I love them, and you pay the same as you would otherwise.

A word on money – perhaps you think something is too much to ask for – in our family we often ask everyone who would be giving a gift to pitch their money into one bigger thing that someone really wants which is a great way to get exactly what you desire…and not lots of little things that you don’t. Or ask for an Etsy gift card or Amazon Gift Card so you can pick exactly what you want.


The first thing I want is rest. As a bonus it’s priceless. And therefore free. And has no excess packaging.

If you need help slowing down, the From Hectic to Harmonious (H2H) Holiday Challenge is a FREE 28 day even t which starts today. It shares daily prompts to help you focus on the traditions and connections your loved ones will cherish for a lifetime while letting go of the pressure to “do it all” during this beautiful season of celebration. There’s an interview with me on Winter Solstice (my best ever, if I do say so myself, I was plugged into the source when we recorded it).


I need some colour – so I bought myself a little pressie as recommended by Emily at The (do check out her beautiful work whilst you’re there, it’d make the perfect gift). Look what they can do!… Caran d’Ache Neocolor II Water-Soluble Pastels



Inspiration…and organisation

The We’Moon : Gaia Rhythms for Womyn has become my favourite diary – its words and images get woven into my year, and I chart my cycle into it, and scribble down notes in the back (not so sure about this year’s cover tho…)

This Sunday I got a morninLeonie Amazing Life Biz Plannerg to myself, and so I filled in my Create Your Shining Year Biz Planner from the incredible Leonie Dawson – which is something I look forward to every year (this is my fourth year doing one). I’ll be snuggling up to fill out the Life edition very soon too – yippee!

This year they’re spiral bound and include an A2-sized wall planner. But I couldn’t wait for a paper version to arrive so I got my hands on the download version – which this year you can fill out on your computer/ iPad… VERY handy. This year’s

Talking of iPads… ours needs a new screen… as the kids dropped it last night 🙁


Books are usually top of this girl’s list but now they make up ALL my working life, I think I might do a little less reading for pleasure this Christmas! But an Amazon Gift Card  will always come in handy when the next yearning for books takes me.

Wild And Precious: A Guide To Loving Yourself, Following Your Bliss And Changing The World
An anthology of the best articles Wild Sister is hot off the press. I just got my comp copy as a contributor so I look forward to relaxing with that over the holidays.

storebutton1If you’re wanting a REAL women’s magazine that makes you feel good – Wild Sister is a gorgeous gift which keeps on giving. Or the Wild Sisterhood membership is only a few dollars more which gives you a community, e courses and all the back issues too! Wild Sister is out monthly, I have a piece in December’s issue out on embracing our wildness -December 8th

Moods of Motherhood_cover_front_300If you haven’t got a copy yet, pop Moods of Motherhood: the inner journey of mothering on your wishlist. I’ve had a few orders from partners getting their for their loved ones… I know who you are!



30180287b5fbb14763263514e6c90da7I have been collecting some BEAUTIFUL clothes on my Funky Mama Pinterest board – my current trousers and skirts are all full of holes, and have been repaired many, main times… so it’s time for getting some pretty things from Etsy… if you want to share the love then an Etsy gift card would be simply divine!


il_570xN.598684826_i10q I’ve recently discovered SageGoddess beautiful scents, oils and potions (though I have heard others rave about them) I’d love to try her perfume

Nourishment and connection

I’m taking part in some powerful online courses next year


The Soul Sanctuary an online women’s circle where we come home to our deepest, wisest and most authentic selves. It’s both breathing space and deep nourishment, infused with Love, Sacredness, Belonging, Respect, Truth, Trust, Tenderness and Depth. I’m teaching on Creativity and the Feminine in July.

You can just join for a month (currently buy 2 get one free) – or the whole year. Registration for annual membership closes at noon UK time on 31st December and there’s an early bird discount until 7th December.


Birthing Ourselves into BeingAn Interactive, Online Women’s Circle – Connecting Your Personal Transformation with the Evolution of the New Matriarchy

This is the most incredible online undertaking I have ever seen, with guest teachers (I’m one) being added all the time – some of my best-loved women teachers Susun Weed, ALisa Starkweather, Dr Jean Houston… I’m am really glad that as a teacher I’ll be along for the whole ride. Read my post about it here.

Wishing you gifts that touch you. Gift buying that lights you up, and money spent which does good in our world.

If you’re wondering what to get me… a little something on an Etsy gift card or Amazon Gift Card would be simply divine!

Thank you!

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  1. Emily

    Thank you so much! I cannot wait to see what you create with them 🙂 Wishing you great joy and health for Christmas and the coming year xxxx

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