Books of the Year 2014

It’s that time of year again! The time when I look back over my year in books and share my recommendations.

If Santa stinted on books in your stocking, or you’re looking to buy for your book club, a heads up that Amazon have got a lot of fabulous offers on books at the moment. (All the books in the post are linked to Amazon for your convenience!)


2014 in books

So first up…

Refuse to Choose!: A Revolutionary Program for Doing Everything That You Love

You know when a book reframes your entire self concept and gives you a word to describe yourself that you never had before. Which explains an overarching part of your character which was both a mystery and a disability.

This book is one of those.

Like discovering that I’m a Highly Sensitive Person, this book has shown me that I am a Scanner.

I feel a bit behind the times – she coined the term almost 30 years ago, and this book is 8 years old. But it was a TOTAL revelation to me. And is one of those books that I just want to buy multiple copies and give to certain people in my life who fit this definition and struggle with it. It’s out of print – but you can get second hand copies on Amazon. I know this will be strongly informing my future work.

If you:

  • have changed path a million times
  • can’t seem to commit to one line of work
  • always have dozens of projects on the go at the same time…..

This book provides a comforting explanation that there’s nothing WRONG with you… and will help you manage your life and find work you love. I was heartened to see that for the type of Scanner I am I have created the IDEAL work set up and career path. Bingo!

Red Hot and Holy: A Heretic’s Love Story

A powerful, sexy free-spirited account of a woman’s adventures with the divine feminine. WOW can she write. I get writer envy and total joy every time I read it. This is a spiritual memoir with vagina! Recommended to all feisty spirit seekers.

When Things Fall Apart: Heart Advice for Difficult Times

Things fell apart this summer. And this was recommended. And it was insightful and comforting. Very wise. And very grounded.

The Motherline: Every Woman’s Journey to Find Her Female Roots

I can’t even remember how I came across this book – but I’m so glad I did, and am gobsmacked that it is not more well-known. It is a really insightful look into our matrilineal heritage – personal and archetypal from a Jungian therapist. Really original work and highly recommended for all women working through mother issues.

Soulcraft: Crossing into the Mysteries of Nature and Psyche

A big fat book. I haven’t come close to finishing it yet, but dip into it regularly. It is packed full of unique insights on the soul and its journey, in a very grounded, supportive way. I discovered this as it was referenced by Sera Beak in Red, Hot and Holy.

The Signature of All Things

My favourite fiction book this year (and I have read more than usual since our women’s group has morphed into a book club.) A grand narrative, from one of my favourite authors. Set in nineteenth century America, it charts the life of an unusual woman through her work, her loves and her sexuality.

Sexual Practices of Quodoushka: Teachings from the Nagual Tradition

Talking of sex.

This. Book. Changed. My. Sex. Life. Get. It. Now.

See what genital anatomy you are. And your partner is. And how they work best together. Understand more about the different types of orgasm. Fascinating and original for all sexual adventurers.

The Husband Swap

An eyeopening look into the world of polyamory (as in having multiple partners) written by a woman who went from monogamous and married to polyamorous. This is an intelligent, gut-wrenching, rubber-necking account of what happens when you consciously forgo a cultural norm (ie monogamy)and rewrite the rules of relationships.  I edited the second edition which is out this spring – I highly recommend waiting for the new version as there are some HOT new scenes in it!

Womanrunes: A guide to their use and interpretation

A superb system of divinatory symbols for women to use creatively and in intuitive practices. The cards to go with them can be purchased direct from Molly Remer on her Brigid’s Grove Etsy shop. I have found them the most accurate cards of any I have.

A raw and well-researched look into the darker side of women and women’s friendships. Original work which brought a lot of criticism her way, based on research of several hundred women.

We’moon 2015: Gaia Rhythms for Womyn
has become my favourite diary – its words and images get woven into my year, and I chart my cycle into it, and scribble down notes in the back (not so sure about this year’s cover tho…)

This year’s theme is Wild Card and is full of powerful, questioning, playful reflections and art on the theme. It is bursting with astrological insight, earth based festivals and moon cycles so that you can pass the year fully connected with nature’s rhythms… and your own.

Leonie Amazing Life Biz Planner

Create Your Shining Year Biz Planner from the incredible Leonie Dawson is something I look forward to every year (this is my fourth year doing one). I’ll be snuggling up to fill out the Life edition very soon too – yippee!

This year they’re spiral bound and include an A2-sized wall planner. But I couldn’t wait for a paper version to arrive so I got my hands on the download version – which this year you can fill out on your computer/ iPad… VERY handy.

The Heart of the Labyrinth

Our first book for Womancraft Publishing. It spoke to my soul every time I worked on it. And has to many, many of the readers who have contacted us…and bought copies for all their friends. Thank you! Please do leave us a review on Amazon.

Moods of Motherhood: The inner journey of mothering
Working on the second edition showed me just how far i have come in my identity as a mother – and just how much my children have grown. I’m getting great feedback on the second edition – if you have read it please do leave me a review on Amazon.

Thank you!

My 2015 to-read list

And what’s in my Amazon basket for the coming months?

Currently £6.99 (from £20) for the hardcover book on

It’s had very mixed press – but I have a lot of time for him and what he’s up to, so I want to give it a go – also – I LOVE the way he/ his designer has put the LOVE into rEVOLution – very clever!

American Gods
I am a total Neil Gaiman groupie when it comes to him talking about creativty – did you see his uber inspiring commencement address at the University of the Arts?

I’m reading Stardust at the moment for book group – it’s all right – but the word on the street is that American Gods is the one I need to read!

Sue Monk Kidd – I loved The Dance of the Dissident Daughter: A Woman’s Journey from Christian Tradition to the Sacred Feminine (Plus) and I want to try some of her fiction – so these are on my list.

What’s on the cards for me?

I’m working on the the second edition of Moon Time: A guide to celebrating your menstrual cycle at the moment which should be out late spring, and investigating translations of some of our books.

I’m planning an exciting event in late Jan for creative mamas to celebrate the first anniversary of The Rainbow Way hitting #1 on Amazon in multiple genres – watch this space!!

And then later in the spring will be launching my flagship – Be Your Own Publisher e-course for everyone out there with self-publishing dreams who need support, guidance and a loving kick in the arse to get their work OUT THERE.

Womancraft 2015

It’s hard to believe that Womancraft isn’t even a year old yet! It feels such an established part of our life. I can’t wait to read the manuscripts that are coming my way for publication in late 2015-early 2016. They are agreed in principle and are books I REALLY want to read by women I REALLY admire! God I love my job!

Over to You

Which have been YOUR favourite books of 2014… which books defined your year… and the YOU you are now? And what are you looking forward to reading in 2015? Do share so we can add them to our wishlists.

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