2014 – My Year in Numbers

Wow. What a year. Of exponential growth on every level – except my waistband!

It has been BIG.

2014 inNUMBERS

It was the Year of the Horse – and it felt like the year was done in the saddle – bareback at full gallop. And I know I’m not alone in that. It was a massive year of change at full speed in a lot of people’s lives as we were called to take our courage in our hands and step up, and work our magic on the shit thrown our ways.

Big pats on the back all round.

We did it. We are different people than those who started the year.

Braver. More paint-splashed and tear-stained. Richer in experience.

We have made it through another riotous dance around the sun. And thirteen tangos with the moon. With our hearts in our hands.

Let us give thanks for all that has been.

And let it go.

Opening up space for the year to come. In all its mystery and wonder. Possibility and potential.

pebble_logo_flippedSo looking back…

Dreaming Aloud – 2014 in numbers

This was the year Dreaming Aloud got a professional redesign and moved from Blogger to Word Press. The shop also moved over here and was upgraded.

Number of published posts on Dreaming Aloud: 75

Number of unpublished drafts: 64 (goodness I need to get some of them out to show you soon, there are some real gems in there waiting for me to magic them into something readable!!) Including: How to tell people what you do when you’re creative; Creative Edgewalkers; Books for Pregnancy and Birth… and some others whose titles are so juicy I don’t want to give them away!

Top Posts:

Most Popular Posts

1) She Who Dares Gets Destroyed By Other Women (271 FB shares)

2) Burned Out – Healing from Adrenal Fatigue Naturally (145 FB shares)

3) What Happened? (a private post) Thank you ALL for your support on that one – I was blown away by the outpouring of support.

4) Dream Gathering 2014 (114 FB shares)

5) Shining a Light on Women’s Shadows (228 FB shares)


Longest Post – 2532 words

Natural Ways(1)Burned Out – Healing from Adrenal Fatigue Naturally


My personal favourites:

1) Why women are like house plants

2) On Commitment and Being a Polygamist


Most controversial post: Creativity is a cunt

Other numbers

Total social media followers – 21,590 up from 9,720 in January.

Awards shortlist: 1 (Irish Blog Awards)

Books published: 2  – The Heart of the Labyrinth
and Moods of Motherhood

Books at #1 in their field on Amazon in 2014: 3

Companies started: 2 – Womancraft Publishing and Lucent Word

Camel costumes made: 1

Websites/ blogs owned: 7

Number of women on the attack that I dealt with in a period of 6 weeks: 5

Trips to London – 2… nearly 3, except for the car crash

PINTEREST followers: 11,606 ( just 396 0ff my very ambitious start of year target!)

Weight lost: 16 lbs

Books sold: 5000+

Number of antibiotics this summer: 3

Number of books edited in 2014:  6

Number of magazines edited in 2014: 3

Number of books at various stages of being written: 9

Number of e-courses ready to launch in 2015: 2 – The Rainbow Way and Be Your Own Publisher (watch this space)

Times I’ve said “no skipping ropes in the kitchen”: countless

Number of people on my team: 5…6 including me – yes, you read it right, I have a personal assistant; my husband and three social media assistants!!!!

Number of teaching engagements already booked for 2015: 5

 What were YOUR most significant numbers of the year?


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