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10 Simple Ways to a Fresh, Clear New Year


This year join me in entering the New Year as you mean to go on.



Breathing easy.

Don’t leave it till tomorrow. Till it becomes a chore. Clear out today – in readiness and anticipation for a whole new year.

1) Finish off…or throw out ALL your Christmas leftovers. Chocolates, sweets, last bits of cold meat and fancy cheeses. Get ready to return to enough rather than excess and indulgence. Why not give the fridge a wipe out when you’re done?

2) Take down all the Christmas decorations and the last vestiges of wrapping paper – this year I’m doing away with this 6th of January lark and entering the New Year a decoration free zone. Give thanks for all the joy you’ve had this season with these decorations up.


3) Have a ritual bath. Fill it up hot and steaming. Add in your favourite bubbles or oils, and massage and scrub yourself from your toes to top of your head, taking time with each and every part of your body. Give thanks to each part of your body for its beauty and its function. For all it helps you do in your everyday life.

Give your kids, your dog, your partner…whoever you share your life with their annual bath! Have a bubble fest of cleansing!

4) Make a list of your creative, personal and professional accomplishments and achievements in 2014. Really soak in what you have achieved. CELEBRATE YOURSELF. It’s allowed!

5) Clear out your work/ creative space – clear off surfaces. Put up your calendar for 2015. Set your schedule for January, spreading out your commitments over the next couple of weeks, so that it doesn’t feel like an overwhelming dive into cold water as you get back up to speed with everything that’s built up over the holiday break.

6) Write out the things you are releasing from 2014 on pieces of paper, and burn them in the fire.


7) Set your intentions – what are you opening to in 2015. Perhaps make a vision board. Today I’m finishing off my Year Planner.

8) Step outside and see what’s growing – bring a few leaves or winter flowers in. Or a pebble from a beach walk. Bring nature as it is now in.

9) Make yourself a little altar space/ sacred space. If you already have one, clear it from last year and build it anew for 2015 Рwith new intentions and objects.

10) Write¬† down your word of the year. Every year I choose my word for the year. This year’s are lean in.

Lean into myself, taking time to keep centred, to listen to my own wisdom. Lean in to the work that needs to be done, rather than resist, complain,get over whelmed. And lean in, towards my team, towards my readers and followers, rather than pulling back, second-guessing myself all the time. I’m going to stop being my own brake and lean into the flow.

Words are powerful. Remember that. What you think, what you say, what you write holds power. Take time today to focus your intention for yourself through words. To make them as big and bold and beautiful as you dare. As clearly focused as you can. Make them words which will support you. And then clear space – energetic and physical for them.

Here’s to your fresh New Year – what do YOU intend to create?

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