And the Winners Are…


Thanks for all the giveaway entries over on the Dreaming Aloud Facebook page. (Not a fan yet? Seriously! Do head over and like the page, I share a LOT of top notch resources and inspiration over there.)

We have two winners. As promised. one a new liker. And one a sharer.

Drum roll please…

Boo Rebecky


Summer Thorp-Lancaster

You both get to choose whether you want one of the very last paperback copies of the first edition of Moods of Motherhood... ( I have about 6 left now in the shop if any other readers want one at 50% off!!)


An e-copy of The Rainbow Way. (Can you believe it’s almost exactly a YEAR since it was published. That’s some crazy shit!)

Drop me a line with your mailing address and choice…

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