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Rainbow Colours Return

Gather and Create
Be of Service, Be a Sensible Person
Use your Words and Don’t Be Nervous.
You Can Do This, You’ve Got Purpose.
Find Your Medicine and Use it.
Nahko Bear and Medicine for the People – Manifesto

Rainbow coloured service has resumed! Yesterday I painted the first thing I’ve liked in ages. A rainbow coloured swirly boobie picture with white zen-doodles over-painted – but of course!!! It was my pressie for my hubby for our 10 year wedding anniversary – but of course!

1-P7300098 For years when I asked what he wanted for Christmas, all he wanted was a painting from me.

Dear man, he had to wait patiently a long time. Holding the light of belief that I could paint. Should paint… when all I knew was that I couldn’t. He framed my old paintings. Testaments of love. Reminders… This is you in flow… You can do this.

And to be fair to me, that is my role too. The candle holder to his immense creative talents in woodwork and photography. You can do it. He walked in with the kids just as I was finishing it off.

I turned it away. My 6 year old daughter peeped and started giggling and went to tell her big bro, who started giggling… Why did you paint boobies for Daddy? she asked, he’s not a woman, he doesn’t have them!ย No, but he has an appreciation of fine art… and fine boobies!


Today is my second work day.

The family leaves.

A whole day of work ahead.

Work has become VERY serious recently. Ruled by deadlines and money worries.

I decide to work from home.

A whole day at home. Alone. It’s like winning gold in the Olympics.

Only with no boring training regimes.

I immediately reclaim the territory of the kitchen table – displacing a tidal wave of junk and little people’s creative endeavors – odd forks, Hama beads, Lego both in space vehicle form, and loose and dangerous, random loom bands, little bits of snippings, dead flower petals, odd playing cards, books and science kits. Space. The creative portal opens up on exposure to this. My heartbeat is racing. It’s like falling in love again.

1-P7300091 (I just can’t capture the colour and texture of this one to do it justice…)

Like a woman in labour I realise that one of the reasons I struggle painting in my studio at the Pottery is the knowledge that at any time in the process – from conception to intense labour – someone could walk in on me in flagrante – making love with the paint, seeing the tender vulnerable images which emerge from my depths.

And so I stall.

To paint I need my painting playlist. Space. Time. Bare feet. Clothes that make me feel sensual…

Sure I wrote all about it in The Rainbow Way… but still, I forget again and again… And onto the canvas I sway and swoop, careering the paint on with my fingers, the portals open to creation. Heaven! 1-P7300089-001

I want to also pay tribute to two more people who are inspiring this new influx of rainbow colour:ย  Emily Rainsford Ryan from The Nest‘s 30 Day Art Challenge – and her beautiful use of colour…


She in turn was inspired by Arna Baartz‘ challenge and art… I just LOVE her Art of Kundalini cards – another woman of the swirly boobie and rainbow coloured variety, who loves to combine writing, poetry, art and philosohpy… go check them out NOW!


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  1. Emily

    I am so honoured to have been part of this ๐Ÿ™‚ I love your paintings and your colour… And in turn you have inspired ME to just turn this feckin screen off and GO PAINT, in joyous, beautiful swirly rainbows! Xxx

  2. Arna

    WOW! thank you amazing creature
    I must get in touch with you soon, with my book idea
    really cool stuff

    • lucyhpearce

      ๐Ÿ™‚ I LOVE the sound of that, Arna!

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