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Revolutionary Eating

There are THINGS in my kitchen. Things I am not sure about cooking with… or even pronouncing for that matter. That I am having to learn how to use: Teff flour. Xanthan gum. Xylitol. Quinoa flakes. Stevia. Tapioca flour. And those little seeds that soak up water and look like frogspawn – I actually went into the health food shop and said that – the girl looked blankly at me. Seeds… CHIA seeds, I remembered… The girl’s eyes opened wide, then she started to laugh – That’s what I have every morning for my breakfast. I’d never ever considered they look like frogspawn! she said, and I’ll NEVER look at it the same way again.

chiaHow can anyone NOT think this looks like frogspawn????

And every part of the coconut – coconut milk, sugar, flour (seriously people, COCONUT FLOUR!), even, yes, even flipping coconut oil… it’s alright, I’m not going to be writing you any 1 billion ways to use coconut oil posts. Promise… Though did you know it made a great contraceptive? Not really! Stop, don’t try that one at home!  Though apparently it does everything else from stopping sunburn to meaning you never need to visit a dentist again… if your gag reflex is strong enough to swill it round your mouth. This people is where I’m at. And it’s not where I expected to be. (See Pass the Cake for more…) Clean eating… so uber-trendy it hurts. I HATE being on trend. I have resisted mightily. I have had friends who have been wheat free, or sugar free, or dairy free, or vegetarian or raw, or all of them together and who only ate the dewdrops on organic moss. I think you get my tone. But I am there too now. No wheat. Very little sugar. Cut way back on meat, especially red meat. And am ramping up the rawness. A bit. No red wine, chocolate. (On account of migraines, not morals!) Never drank coffee or tea any way. So hardly starvation diet. But for me it’s quite revolutionary. Just think of all the cocoa pods I’m saving! The thought of a spinach smoothie for breakfast makes me want to gag. As do cold zucchini noodles. So I’m hardly born again.

greenNot even artfully placed raspberries are going to persuade me that this would taste good to drink in the mornings…

Nor will I judge your eating. Doughnuts are GOOD man. Eat as many as you can. Have another in memory of me. And a slice of chocolate cake too. And brownies. Yeah! This is not a diet. There are just a lot of foods that make my body really sick. And if I don’t want to be sick, I have to not eat them. I am not one for will power. And eating like this is not a moral issue. Unlike trying to change eating habits in the past, is nothing to do with will-power or being good.  Just the choice – if I want to be sick I can eat it. If I want to feel good then I don’t. Simples. So, I’m learning to cook, all over again. Abandoning hundreds of favourite recipes which I’ve cooked and enjoyed for years in the quest for ones that work for my body. So, as I’m wont to do – am sharing the resources I’ve discovered… and would love your recommendations for others. What I’ve noticed is that I’m quick to stack up resources… and slow to TRY them. Changing my eating habits… and cooking habits… shows me just how conservative and cautious I am about trying new things. As I’ve said before… again and again, in all areas of my life, I am a slow unlearner… seems like I have a LOT of resistance! (Those who know me IRL  – such as my dear kombucha-pushing friend Leigh, know this all too well!) clean eating3 The Wheat Belly Cookbook – there is also a website – though I am not officially coeliac, I have a strong physical response to wheat. I got this book to help me bake – and cook – wheat-free. Yet to try anything from it. But looks good. Mystic Cookfire – I reviewed this last year… and STILL haven’t cooked from it. It’s full of delicious sounding wheat free, vegan recipes…which has inspired many soups and salads… and is an inspiring read in its own right. Bill Granger’s Everyday Asian – bought it for myself almost a year ago. Just tried two recipes from it for the first time last night. YUM. And simple. And SUCH a pretty book too. See my review here. asian bk Collage Red Velvet and Chocolate Heartache – which I reviewed here – is THE book that first introduced me to baking without wheat. It made me realise JUST how much wheat flour… and sugar… I was getting through a week in my baking. Another REALLY pretty book. I Quit Sugar– I have tried a couple of the recipes, and stocked up on ingredients to try many more. Though she is skinny and brown, and pretty and there are a LOT of photos in this to remind us of the fact, which make me want to resent her giving me eating advice, it’s a super book, packed full of great tips, research and recipes – as is the website where she talks a lot about auto-immune disease too. Real Food Raw is an e-book which I just reviewed by a long-time Dreamer friend. Zoe Foster. Though I’m not intending to go raw, I found a lot of the recipes inspiring – especially her Lemon and Cardamom cookies which sound divine. I WILL try them. Kate Magicthe raw food columnist in Juno Magazine has educated and inspired me over the years. I’ve soaked up her wisdom and learned a lot from her which I am, one baby step at a time, starting to actually TRY. It was from her that I first found out about using avocado as a filling in sweet pies… I have never dared cook it myself…of course… but have loved the ones made by my step-mother. Who is also currently clean eating… and a wonderful cook to boot. I have built up a number of Pinterest boards with loads of delicious recipes too: No Added Sugar Gluten Free Treats Wheat Free Savoury Healthy Eating Healthy Baking A to Veg Follow my blog with Bloglovin

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