Creativity is a cunt

“Whenever a taboo is broken, something good happens, something vitalizing.”
~ Henry Miller

I did warn you we were going to be talking sex… and this isn’t even the post I had planned…

Cunt… it’s been a bad word for too long.

So when I say creativity is a cunt… you may hear “creativity is a bastard, it’s hard and mean and out to make your life a misery”…

And that’s the way our culture sees it.

Creativity is a mystery which drives you crazy, metaphorically and literally. It is unreliable and unpredictable… just like women.


Creativity is as natural to us as sex and spirituality… BUT

Creativity… like sex and nature and true spirituality is kept out of schools. In fact it’s actively shut down by them. It’s seen as dangerous, fringe stuff. Frills on the knickers of life… rather than the MAIN EVENT. Society works best if we just skirt around it. They know it’s untameable. So They talk in terms of the dangers… of having sex… or being a professional artist…

They daren’t talk about the pleasures…

Otherwise everyone would be off doing it – self pleasure for breakfast and lovemaking for lunch, followed by an afternoon of painting with their fingers, eating tea on the grass under a blossom tree and writing from their soul in the evening (ah-ha, yup, welcome to my life!)

If people were turned on… to creativity, their spirit and their sexuality they would not be persuaded to turn up to a grey box, first a school and then an office, every day for the rest of their lives in grey in uncomfy clothes… No chance. Because they would KNOW… they would know that anything worth knowing in this life can be discovered inside… or soul to soul from others in beautiful co-creativity…. they would know that schools do NOT hold the answers to life, the Universe and everything… which in the end is the only thing their hearts yearn for.

Instead they would learn to follow their hearts… and their own pleasure, to relish their own bodies wisdom and their own authority above that of others.

So for the powers that be… and society at large… yes, creativity is a cunt. It is a big fucking mystery.

Just like cunts.

But they sense its danger. Because they can see what happens when people get empowered… empowered creative people tend not to pay much heed to social norms.

They’re too busy cultivating their own non-normality… and creating their own world which is one fuckload more beautiful than the “real world.” Oh and they’re having fun… and not worrying how they can make… and spend the most money. Or comparing themselves to the Joneses.

They’re pretty self sufficient and contrary. They set their own rules.

No wonder some time ago, when They realised the power that empowered women could wield when turned on – to their bodies, creative self sufficiency, to nature and their inner connection with spirit – was a direct threat to private ownership, capitalism, the rule of science and law, the paternalistic state and autocratic monotheism.

So they burned a whole load of us. Enclosed the commons. Outlawed all forms of sexual expression except that instigated by husbands for procreation. Removed women’s assets. Enforced mindnumbing, back breaking work, and compulsory education. And divided us up from our sisters and mothers and friends.

They drugged us and beat us. And called us mad, bad and sad…

They built a wall around the vagina, with a big fuck off No Entry sign. Locked it up, literally, and gave ownership of the key to the menfolk. Husbands and doctors. And in many cultures go as far as to take away the magic entry button altogether.

And then dared to ask why we couldn’t come to orgasm on demand.


Female orgasm should be the most natural thing in the world. As should creativity. Yet so many are faking… or hoping… or have given up hope and shut up shop.

We have turned off in such vast numbers.

Don’t touch. Don’t look. We have been left speechless, without language and a map. And without an inner voice we can trust.

No wonder we feel so rudderless… kinda crazy…. longing for someone, anyone to come and save us, to show us the way….

But here’s the secret…
Creativity IS a cunt… it’s just the word that’s a poisoned chalice… not the thing it refers to…

The cunt, the vagina, the yoni…call it what you will… is our portal to power. Our way back home. It is a physical way of learning the lessons of the soul. It is a fleshy portal to embodied creativity, to pleasure, to transcendence and empowerment. To belonging to ourselves. To co-creating our world.

It teaches us how to open to the unknown, relax into the arms of the universe, release our physical and ego control and surrender in the face of the unknowable.. whilst staying rooted in our bodies. It teaches us how to open fully to another, to receive, to grow life within us, and stand in our full power and give birth…

And these lessons open us to the two other invisible realms… that of creativity and spirit… the nouminal… Flow… whatever you want to call it. They all have the same modus operandi, the same entry portals…we try to enter with our minds… but we cannot… the way in is through the heart, the womb, the cunt, the soul… remembering how to release through the body.

But whether at the entry, at even the idea, or at some point of our journey inwards, we hit a wall.

Stop. No entry. Back away.

Tightness. Sadness. Terror. Pain. Fear. Anger….

Where are your walls? Your barriers? Who put them up? And how might you feel safe enough to scale them… or disassemble them… and perhaps use the stones to create a platform for you, a castle, a throne…

Your clue, your way in are the inner voices… the voice of No, of Stop, of Danger. The voice of the critic. These live in the wounds that have yet to heal. The places where we will not allow ourselves or others, in order to keep ourselves safe.

These are the places that need healing, and holding, and listening to. These are the places we need to go. With compassion.

Do not force yourself. Creativity is a cunt. Let it open to you.

Gently, gently, let her open like a flower.

My next post is on the gatekeepers of the portal

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