Creative Integration… what happens when you decide to stop hiding and claim your whole self.

Thanks for all the feedback on Facebook and by email about my mega freak out yesterday.

I walked in the door and announced to Mr DA that I’d just had a freak out.

“I know” he says ” I read it on Facebook.”

Ah, yes, Facebook is public! But always good to know one’s husband follows one’s ramblings.

“But I’m freaking out”

“Because that’s never happened before!” I nearly whacked him one. But remembered I was a peace loving hippy and so laughed hard instead. The bugger has been through a few of my self-doubting creative tantrums in the last decade and a half.

They always seem new to me though! A sign that BIG SHIT is shifting.

It’s been a powerful 24 hours of transformation and clarity. Of feedback. Of being witnessed. Of really claiming myself and my power. Leonie’s right when she said that being an entrepreneur is the biggest  soul work you’ll ever do (except being a mama).

I’ll give you a whistlestop tour of the whirlwind of growth that is my life…

Yesterday morning started with a powerful meditation and set of life-shifting realisations before breakfast thanks to a rather wonderful e course I’m doing -kids’ breakfasts and lunches, then off to work for a Skype chat with a new contact, a fabulous writer woman – you’ll definitely be hearing more about her here… we laughed, cried and gave each other reality checks – even though we’d only just met. Writing the web copy for this (shhhh! it’s top secret!) Dinner and kid time. Followed by a seriously powerful co-created ceremony at our second red tent – with some other women I’ve only just met. Sleep. Followed by an incredible working breakfast with Mr DA… and lots of powerful Facebook conversations in between.

I. FEEL. WHOLE. and witnessed in that wholeness.

And I’m doing what I love… with people who make my soul sing.

Ahhhhhh! What a life! I seriously cannot get over how lucky I am.

So… the long and the short of it is that Dreaming Aloud is here to stay. The consensus is that what I’m proposing is a perfect fit (and the megalithic boulder making it impossible was all in my head – sound familiar?!) And what is more, the creative women who read it are really excited to see me combine my two sides. Creativity and woman craft. Cos that’s what makes me me… so I might as well stop running from it! I have had a life time of dividing myself into parcels which would be accepted in different places. My watchword now is integration. Authentic inhabiting of my full self…

So tell me… how do you parcel yourself up? Which bits do you separate off… especially in your work or creativity? Why do you do this? Have you considered integrating the disparate parts? How do you feel when you do?

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