A New Name?

As you can see I have just put up the new blog header to try it on… but something is stirring in me … the powerful need to combine the content and approach of The Happy Womb with Dreaming Aloud… rather than having my split personality over two blogs  – so the focus will be on nurturing, supporting and empowering women’s self expression and embodied creativity… This is where my uniqueness as a writer and teacher lie. And it’s where the power is in my voice… and the insight I have to share.

The initial purpose of the redesign was to cut down to one blog… but that was going to be by dropping The Happy Womb and becoming a more mainstream creativity blog. But actually the women’s work COMBINED with creativity is absolutely where my soul is.

Dreaming is not where it’s at right now in my life I feel…

So I’m feeling that it might need an ENTIRELY NEW NAME… as originally Dreaming Aloud came from my time at Juno magazine, which is now in the past ( my time there, that is, the magazine is going from strength to strength). And I’m not sure it really expresses my new vision. (obviously I am VERY hesitant about rebranding… as you can imagine, having built up Dreaming Aloud over four years….

This is a very last minute turn around having spent weeks creating design and copy for the new Dreaming Aloud… and I have a designer starting work NOW!!!!

But I feel it’s better to turn it around now, when I’m at these early stages than after having launched the new site.

Tell me does what I’ve told you resonate with Dreaming Aloud as you understand and know it, or do you think a new name is in order?

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