Feeling Guilty Cos You’re Not Doing Enough?

People ask me all the time – “what’s next, Lucy?”

Knowing, me being me I’ll have something up my sleeve.

“Have you started another book?”

Ummm, yes. I have 8, yes eight you read that right, currently downloading into my brain. Each with a separate folder on my computer, and random sheets of paper floating around my bedroom… and backpack… and journal pages, and quotes highlighted and book pages folded over (yes, me too, I HATE it when people do that, books are precious… but needs must, otherwise I’ll never find them again! My kids always run off with my little stickies).

So eight books. Three e courses… or potentially four.

A website redesign.

And a number of top secret, mega exciting, dream come true projects which I will reveal all in due time.

This is not to mention finishing up my JUNO work (ah, breathing space!), doing the post-pub proof for The Rainbow Way, various book promotions, two blogs and my consulting work…

And three kids. One of whom rode a bike by herself yesterday. The other two are turning into bloggers in their own right!

And you know what… I’m feeling guilty cos I’m not doing enough.

Yes, you read that right too.

I’m feeling guilty cos I’m not doing enough.

Or at least that I’m not focusing on one thing. Perhaps that I haven’t finished a book by breakfast time yesterday. I do some of one project, and give myself a hard time cos I should be working on something else. What a prize nutter.

And breathe.

So, if that little voice in your head is giving you a hard time, telling you you’re not doing enough, or you need to do more, it’s a cousin of mine, and it’s speaking bollocks, so kindly tell it that from me.

You’re doing a super job. Well done. Thank you for being here with your gifts and using them so fully. The world is a brighter place with you in it.

Or as I said rather eloquently in The Rainbow Way – “The products of creativity – the books, the paintings, the sculptures – are whispers from your soul or the communal soul: they are by-products of the journey. When we run dry it is because we have fallen for the mistaken belief that they are it, and that we are the source of our creations. We only have two jobs – to turn up with our skills, and to get out of the way and let the process guide us.”

Now take five minutes, have a cup of tea and get that niggly little voice to have one too. You both must be exhausted!

So tell me, what’s next for you… and to what degree are YOU giving yourself a monstrously hard time, whilst being an unrecognised (by you) rock star?

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