How Does it Feel to be Famous?

Well dear dreamers, I am practicing being famous – what with this double page spread interview feature in the regional paper… “She strikes me as a most magnificently enthusiastic, energetic and pro-active woman. She’d have to be.”

And being involved with not one but two telesummits in the next two weeks…

Look and Feel Great for Mother’s Event January 11-20th.

And a Red Tent Summit for the month of February.

Do sign up and listen in – they’re free – and hell you even get to SEE my pretty face in the Red Tent one! Priceless!

That’s not to mention a few other really exciting collaborations big and small which I shall share with you over the next couple of weeks as they launch!

Exciting times!

I’m going to be spotted every time I buy loo paper now! I’ll have to invest in some dark glasses… and a hair brush perhaps (no, relax, it’s OK, I’ve got one of those… somewhere!)

So how does it feel to be famous?

I hardly know myself – the glitz and glamour and first class air-tickets and red carpet receptions… ah not really.

In the real world my head is so full of snot I’m amazed it’s not coming out of my ears and so my brain is going snail paced, I only have one irreplaceable pair of trousers that are ripped beyond wearability, the kids have just had another dose our magic medicine for the unspeakables which means we had a girl up with tummy ache all through the night, however on the bright side I managed to bribe my way out of prinkle tantrums this week… and I’m famous I tell ya!

Same same… but different. How goes it with you?

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