Once in a Lifetime…

We are really in the Christmas spirit here in the Pink House, and experiencing a lot of firsts…

First yule log I’ve ever made. Thanks Nigella. I still love you. It was so good.
The first pony ride either girl has ever had. They were SO patient waiting their turn. Yes, they are bare legs! Prinkles!

Me and my book baby. And my real life babies. In the biggest bookstore in Cork City. Withmy book on display. Signed by the author! The Rainbow Way is still pre-order only on Amazon, and has been their Hot New Release all week in the motherhood genre on Amazon.co.uk, where it reached #17. It was outselling The Artist’s Way 5 to 1 on Kindle this morning on Amazon.com, And has been in the top 40 in Crafts too! I am simply blown away! I have heard that Leonie is going to feature it as one of her top books of 2013. And the publishers have had enquiries about foreign rights! 
I was also sought out by a regional paper for an interview. There will be a feature on  me in the Evening Echo next week.
As we were leaving the shop we saw my dad’s book in the FRONT WINDOW of Waterstones!
Then off to the Ferris Wheel. Another first for our kids. I’ve not been on one for many years. It was superb fun.

A once in a life time experience, he said…

The city lights were coming on below us…
The girls loved it too!
Then off to the Winter Wonderland in the park next door, done by the truly wonderful Doutcha theatre/ puppet company. Fairy doors in the walls, the trees lit up, live elves and fairies hiding behind trees. 

Truly magical.
 This is the stuff that dreams are made of!
Merry Christmas…  we’re celebrating already!

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