The Wait is Over… It’s Here!!!!!


I know, it feels like forever… but it’s finally here!

THE RAINBOW WAY!!!!! My book baby. The biggest book I’ve ever written – over 2 1/2 times the pages and almost 4 times the words of Moon Time. The Rainbow Way is 335 pages of life-changing glorious words, ideas, exercises, reflections and support which are about to be let loose on the world and I am so excited I can barely contain myself. I keep reminding myself it’s “just” a book. 

But who I am kidding? 

It is SO much more! It’s massive in every way! It is pure creative energy, insight and inspiration in page form. It’s the book that changed my life in the writing of it. Totally transformed me, from depressed stay at home mama to the rainbow coloured creative entrepreneur you see glowing before you.

I am SO excited that you can finally ORDER YOUR VERY OWN COPY NOW! And then tell me what YOU think about it, and how it’s transforming YOUR life. Do leave reviews on Amazon or email them to me! It’s available from Amazon.comand! W

ant to know what glory stuff is packed into it? Check out the list of contents and extracts.

“Is this is the creative rainbow mama book?” people keep asking me – yes, yes, yes it is!

It’s the very first book I started writing… and the most recent book I have written. It’s been two and a half FULL years. This book has carried me from aspiring writer through self-published to now published author. 

This is the book that when I am skating on the edge of burn out refer myself back too. Or when I am feeling uninspired and all dried up, or frustrated with the creative process. It is my go-to guide… even though I wrote it! How mad is that – to read your own book? 

But don’t just take my word for it. Read what some of my biggest creative heroines have said about it – their words of praise for it leave me truly breathless.

Wow, look a nice, shiny BUY NOW button. I dare you to press it… butterflies will fly out of your computer screen… 

Wow! Magic! … Well not now… but when you open its pages. So say the women who’ve already gotten their hands on a copy.

Buy one for yourself, for your sister, your best friend, your grown up daughter, put it on your Christmas wishlist!

The first 200 copies are signed and include:

  • an inspiring book-mark
  • a vibrant greetings card of one of my paintings (you can even put in a request for your favourite!!)
  • exclusive access to private Facebook group for creative mothers. 
But even more exciting there is a SPECIAL BONUS GIFT!!!!!!!!!!!! Remember when I was designing covers for it? Well 10 4 lucky customers will receive an original labyrinth mono-print that I made (7×5 inches). Each picture is totally unique, and naturally quite rainbow-ish. (*Orders number 1,12, 25,38, 52, 71, 84 and 99 and the first 2 orders of 2+ copies will all receive a print!)

I’ll see you over in our secret hang out on Facebook – there are already nearly 50 women there: it is a supportive place to network, meet other creative mamas, find resources and get inspired. After the busyness of the launch I will be doing some group projects in there too!

And don’t forget to join us for the online launch – 4 glorious weeks of creative mothers around the world writing about nurturing creativity, creative heroines, creative inheritance and the creative process, linking up in blog land… starting tomorrow!!! We have over 70 women from around the world signed up already! You can find out more and JOIN US here!

PS. Kindle and paperbacks editions are available from Amazon.comtoo – I just don’t make much of a living from them. (Please do leave me a review!)

Paperback editions are also stocked by Book Depository, Barnes and Noble…or order it from your local bookshop!

ISBN: 978-1-78279-028-0
ebook ISBN: 978-1-78279-027-3

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