Yesterday a lovely blog reader shared a comment on my post about doing battle with my daughter:

I know this scene! We can do that dance. Just last night. Afterwards my daughter made me a card, carefully cut out with coloured in love hearts and best handwriting “To Mum, mum loves me, I love mum” (oh!) and sweet words, connection, understanding. This love is so huge. 

Reading it, a rather profound thought just occurred to me – maybe the fight beforehand is a way of tenderising us, like the way we bash meat with a mallet to make it less tough.

Perhaps anger, battles and even hate are the best way the Universe knows of opening us fully to love. Of taking away our defences, leaving us standing there vulnerable and open so that love can just pour in. So that we can really feel it to the tips of our toes, really feel how big and true it is, so that we can, even if just for a moment, have our entire beings taken over by love, and feel the most profound connection – made even more special by knowing how it feels to be absent from it and have come so close to losing it.


I think it might just be true!

And if it is, it means that everything that comes between us is just interference in the bandwidth of pure love flowing between us all.

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