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You’ve been on this journey with me for a long time, dearest reader. And the birth is in sight… (so bear with me as I break into colour and different sized fonts! That’s what happens when I get over excited!

The Rainbow Way: Cultivating Creativity in the Midst of Motherhood 

will be out at the end of November! 

(For more about the book, an extract, free audio file, and to read what people are saying about it, head over to the book’s main website.)

To celebrate, I am planning a month-long blogging carnival of creative women!

And I would love YOU to join us!

Starting on the 20th November, each Wednesday, women around the world will be blogging on one of the central themes of my book…

November 20th: Nurturing a Culture of Creativity at Home
November 27th: Creative Heroines
December 4th: Creative Inheritance

December 11th: The Creative Process.

Sign up here!
and tell your friends about it! Read on for more details!

If you haven’t come across blogging carnivals before, they’re great fun! (And you don’t need to dress up or dance in the streets!!) Bloggers around the world write on a set topic, and the blogs are linked up, so you can hop from one to another, discovering all the wonderful bloggers out there… and they can discover you! Your job is to write a great post, and mine is to do the magic link up by giving you a piece of code that you cut and paste in at the end of your post!)

One of my favorite aspects of The Rainbow Way is the tapestry of so many women’s voices speaking of their own experiences, and I envisage this carnival as a beautiful, living extension of that. There are currently 75 women signed up to take part! That makes me SO happy!

This is your chance to connect with other creative women around the world, spread the word about your blog and creative work, and help share the launch of my book…. I’m on a mission to let every creative woman know that this book is there for them, to support and inspire. Thank you in advance for YOUR part in that!

As an extra thank you I am doing a GIVEAWAY! 5 carnival contributors will receive an e-copy of The Rainbow Way.  Each carnival post is one entry to the draw! Entries will be chosen at random and will be announced on 7th December.

The details!

First things first – sign up now, even if you’re not quite sure what your post will be about – then I have you on my list and can email you to remind you to add in the details nearer the time!
Whilst I ask you to stick (broadly) to each week’s theme, please dive deep into the topics, write from your heart, jive and jam with them in a way that feels good. Be creative! Be authentically you! The questions below are simply meant as prompts to your own spirit to get your juices flowing!

I look forward to reading your posts – be sure to mail them to me at
trwlaunch [at] gmail [dot] com before the carnival!

Week 1: Nurturing a culture of creativity at home
  • How important is creativity in your home?
  • How do YOU nurture a culture of creativity at home?
  • What drives you nuts about creating with kids?
  • What clever tips do you have to pass on to other families to make creating together fun?
  • Share a seasonal craft or creative activity for families.
Carnival date: 20th November
Last sign up date: 15th November
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Week 2: Creative Heroines
  • Which artists, creative souls and mothers, living or dead, famous or not, have inspired YOU on your journey? Tell us how and why…
  • And who have been your big teachers and influences and why?
  • How do you identify with or struggle with being a creative mother?
  • How do you support yourself as a creative mother?
  • Is it important to you to support other creative mamas – how do you do this?

Carnival date: 27th November
Last sign up date: 23rd November
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Week 3: Creative Inheritance
  • What is YOUR creative inheritance? Does creativity run through your family blood?
  • How important… or not… is creativity to your family’s identity?
  • What are you passing on to YOUR children?
  • Have you followed in your family’s footsteps or branched out on your own?
  • What influence does the creativity of your ancestors have on your own work?
Carnival date: 4th December
Last sign up date: 29th November
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Week 4: The Creative Process
  • What does the creative process feel like to you?
  • Do you have an image of it? How can you describe it?
  • Who/ what is the muse?  How do you contact it?
  • What are your sure-fire ways of getting in the creative mood? And what blocks you?
Carnival date: 11th December
Last sign up date: 6th December
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THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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