The Magic Breadcrumbs

It is not that I have nothing to say that I am silent. It is that my saying is going elsewhere.

I have so many drafts sitting on this blog – but none are choosing to come to life. And any that do immediately turn into articles and guest posts… for other places.

And so I feel bad that you are left with breadcrumbs. And so I offer you the crumbs that have blown my way this day. Let them touch your soul too. Light you up with the magic that I do not have to scatter myself right now. (Just know that I am well, and life is good.)

And this… The Perfect Mom from Finding Joy – a lovely blog I’ve just discovered 

“When we’re old and sitting around playing Bingo or Bridge or whatever we’ll be doing during those years I don’t think that we’re going to be talking about the labels that we’ve given ourselves.  You know what you and I will talk about? We’ll talk about our lives – the mountains we climbed and the times in the valley and the normal days and how brave we were. We’ll talk about our stories.

Your story.

It matters. Even if the story isn’t perfect or the labels aren’t what you thought they would be. At the heart you’re still mom. Wait. At the heart you are mom.”

Image: Michelle Gardella.

This precious project from Michelle Gardella:


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