My Number One Transformational Resource

Everyone I meet seems to want to know how to join the revolution – the creative entrepreneur revolution.

They see what I’m doing, and feel their own dream calling them. And they want to know HOW:  how do I start a blog/ publish an e-book/ have the courage to put myself out there/ start a business website/ price my work with integrity/ find like-minded creative women to support me on my journey/ learn how to brand my new business/ sell my art online…

I get emails, Facebook messages and face to face questions almost every day. I try to give practical advice but my time and energy are limited – as is someone’s capacity to take on that much information in one go! (I do speak rather fast!!!) And so my real advice is go straight to my source!

Leonie Dawson

It was from her that I learned to embrace my creative mother side, to be a creative entrepreneur, and do business online. I learned how to be a woman in business whilst keeping my integrity intact and my soul singing. Her work is accessible, transformational… and FUN! 

For those of you who’ve been hanging round the blog awhile, you’ll know how much I sing her praises – and so you kind of switch off, or take it with a pinch of salt.



Because I’m an affiliate, I know when people buy, and LOTS of readers bought her Life and Business  Year Planners via me this New Year (thank you all xxxxx). And I was then deluged with emails saying:

 “I used to just tune you out when you talked aobut Leonie, I didn’t like her flowery language/ wasn’t keen on the goddess thing/ thought it might be a bit airy fairy…but HOLY MAMA! This woman ROCKS! And she knows her shit. And it works! I’ve doubled my income… I’m having to work less… I’ve just written my first e-book!!!! 

Woah! you’re right! Why didn’t I listen to you earlier – this woman is A-MAY-ZING! But now all my friend’s think I’m mad/ annoying/ in love/ totally on the hard sell cos I won’t stop talking about how amazing she is!”

So if that’s you, then listen up! I just found out that she’s upping the price on her Amazing Biz and Life Academy (formerly The Goddess Circle) on 1st October.  It’s going from $199 to $495.

So if you had been sitting on the fence, wanting to join but dilly-dallying, then get off it now and JUMP IN!!!!! I have just signed back up and am so excited to be back there – it’s a powerful place where mini miracles happen. I’m back in time for my upcoming book launch, and to help find tools to support myself more in my business (for that read finally get the courage to pay an assistant!)

It’s $199 for a year. And for that you get:

  • Her business e-course which is worth that money alone
  • Access to many, many more e-courses, meditations, e-books: her new one on growing a business team, radiant living, creativity, home decluttering etc
  • Her 2014 Life and Business Planners – which have TRULY TRANSFORMED MY WORK-LIFE this year.
  • Full access to the most incredible networking circle from which I found SO many collaborators, customers,  fans and soul-sisters last time round. This is unquestionably THE most important resource in the package – a private sisterhood of like-minded women sharing ideas, resources and support in growing creative businesses and blossoming lives.
  • If its previous incarnation as a goddess circle put you off a bit – which it did me – she’s not using that language any more!
  • For more on what you get from the program and to read what other women, including me are saying about it, click here

Last time round it was the best birthday present I ever gave myself.  (It would make the most incredible birthday present for a soul-sister.) This time round it’s the most sensible business investment I’ll be making.

I hope to see you at the Academy! Let the transformations commence!

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