Here be business bargains – so hurry!

A-har-there, me hearties, Paptin Hook here,  (as my littlest says), telling you that today be Talk Like a Pirate Day! Arrrr! So set your Facebook to Pirate (you can REALLY do this – scroll to the bottom and I’ll tell you how – but prepare to pee yourself laughing!!) What is more, you scurvy rascals, there are fine pickings to be had from business big and small. Gold to be saved. But you gotta be speedy if you don’t want to walk the plank… let me tell you more!

(Translation: I just wanted to let you all know that as an affiliate of a number of schemes I get emails telling me when sales are on. Sales that I would miss otherwise. And that you might too. If you’re on the look out for website/ business tools and services then there seems to be a bumper crop at the moment!)

Web hosting and domains

Hostgator – who host The Happy Womb, are having a mad 24 hour sale to mark “Talk Like a Pirate Day”! So if you are looking to purchase a domain (URL) or to get web hosting they have SLASHED their prices for today only. 44.4% off hosting and domains for just $5!!! But really just today… so you have to get cracking! I have never had a problem with their servers and am coming up to my third year’s renewal, and when I was struggling with setting up my WordPress site I spent many hours with their extremely helpful customer service reps both talking and messaging, they were SO knowledgeable, efficient and polite.

Moo – no, it hasn’t turned into Speak like a Farm Animal Day, this is REALLY the name of the company that I do my printing with – both my gorgeous business cards and greetings cards – I have placed 3 orders with them in the last month during their two sales! At the mo they are offering 25% off everything. Their quality is second to none. Gorgeous thick card stock. Glossy, classy cards with vibrant colour printing – and you can get 25 different greetings cards, or 50 different business cards in one print run – so you can experiment, play, take chances and have fun without having to commit to big, scary expensive print runs. Their website is super easy to use and they are quick delivering. Everyone says wow when they see my business cards, the only problem is having to stop people going off with handsful of them! (You can even get a free sample pack with free shipping just so you can see what I’m talking about!! )

Business Card sample pack

Artist websites
Also if you’re on the look out for an artist’s website, may I recommend Artist Websites – $30 a year, simple templates, they handle printing and shipping, you deal with sales of original paintings and commissions and they do not take a financial commission from this. You can display as many designs/ photographs/ paintings/ drawings as you like, arrange them into galleries. Simple as pie to use and very professional looking.

And just a reminder that Leonie’s Business academy doubles its prices on 1st October, and Flora Bowley‘s next e course starts on the 30th September. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!!!

Yes these are ALL affiliate links. From companies that I use, trust and wholeheartedly recommend. It’s a sell-o-bration!

1) Go to the little cog symbol on the top menu bar (far right corner)
2) Click and select “Account Settings option”
3) In the window that opens go to the bottom “Language” and when you select languages there, just above English (UK) is English (Pirate).
4) Hit “Select” and prepare to pee your pants laughing”””

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