Your Recommendations Needed- Books of Soul and Spirit for Kids

So back to school is fast approaching. And for us this year it’s a big year. The year I’ve been dreading since starting school.

Holy Communion Year.

Its the reason we helped start up a non-denominational school. (Which in the end we didn’t send hem to. Long story.)

So our boy will be the only child in the class NOT doing his First Communion. Preparation for which totally takes over as the year progresses. For church visits I will take him out of school. But for other times I want him to have some books that will: 
1) Engage him ( he is 8 and a confident reader and very smart cookie, but does not enjoy reading too much, he is someone who loves more pictorial and information based texts). So some need to have activities that he can do by himself.
2) will nurture him spiritually 
3) Will open his eyes to the world.
4)   Are not Christian – he gets plenty of this at school.

So things I am thinking of include: earth based spiritual traditions, Steiner, Quaker, Buddhism, meditation for kids, world religions, sacred art including mandalas, mindfulness…

I really need your suggestions and quick, of books that I can get easily on line, I need to order them next week as school starts in two weeks! How have you shared spirit, love for the earth and mindfulness with your children through books?

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