Changing Gear

We are changing gears.

School is back tomorrow. And our littlest starts pre-school.

Five mornings a week. Three hours a day. Can you believe it? I can’t!

I genuinely never thought this day would come. I see the mornings opening up for me. I will get to work every day. Every day, people!!!! I cannot tell you how thrilled my creative self is. (Though I’m being realistic and not counting on this actually happening for the first month as she settles in!)

And then the mama bit of me feels it’s the beginning of the end. How can my baby be big enough to head off? I keep holding her tight – that sparky, funny, cute, clever little monkey child. She’s off on her little way into LIFE without me!

My mind keeps jumping ahead to next year, when we’ll be sending all THREE of them off to big school. I can hardly breathe at the thought… but part of that is the expense – nothing… nothing prepared me for how expensive it is to send children to a supposedly “free” school in Ireland – we’re looking at about a grand next year – and that includes one child in handmedowns! Scary!

So having spent nine weeks getting used to having them round all day, every day, we’ll be back to packed lunches and early mornings and uniforms, and remembering which day to send them in with their sports kits, and hassling over homework.

And quiet days and a tidy house. Time to think, and be still and not race and rush… until I’m late for picking them up… again.

So there we have it, less mama-ing and more creating – eeeeeeeeeeekkkkkkkkk!

More time to be doing stuff like this…

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