Every day at the moment seems to be a momentous anniversary.

They have been playing on my mind a lot, as this cycle of the year comes full turn once more. As the season turns, my awareness returns, of where we were at this time last year, or many years back, how far our paths have taken us, though we seem, on the outside to be just the same. How a trip round the sun can mark transformation. And yet, this being a spiral path, anniversaries bring us back, remembering who we were, what we lost, and gained, what we are grateful for and how we choose to continue on.

I don’t feel like going into details. But just want to note the anniversaries here, mindfully, in love and gratitude. And then if you feel called you can click back and read the posts connected to those times, as I have over the past few days.

That was quite a rollercoaster week last year, one of the most challenging of my life. It started with our wedding anniversary, which was the only unchallenging bit.

Then hopped and skipped on through setting up for my first professional painting exhibition and all my attendant anxieties, whilst Mr DA had flu.

Followed the next morning by an emergency call from the Universe to rescue a soul sister and her children from a serious situation.

Followed by our boy’s birthday party – never much good at them, we have another today – Happy Birthday Timmy!…

Which marks another anniversary – 8 years as parents! Thinking back a decade to pre-kids and marriage is mind-boggling – what a flipping decade we’ve had, we’ve ridden this wild donkey hard!

And then, two days later, the biggest anniversary, of them all. The day of almost. Yes, it is one year since Aisling’s fall. A year. It is as though I can feel the tension rising, as though it were more possible to happen again, near the anniversary. Each phone call at work holds a little more menace than at other times of year. I cannot tell you how closely I hold her, or how many times the angels, on whose wings she fell, have been thanked. Never as long as she, and we live and breathe will we forget that miracle.

And then, a little anti climactically, as we can smell school around the corner, I enter my fourth year as a blogger, and, in just over three weeks ALL of our kiddies will be in school or pre school five days a week. Can you believe it?!

What anniversaries are you marking at the mo? Happy? Sad? How do you mark them?

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