Studio tour

Well as you know the painting is flowing again – so I wanted to bring you into my creative space to show you what I’m up to right now…

HEALTH WARNING: The colours are BRIGHT and liable to lead to feelings of intense pleasure.

My new painting table – I realised that one of the things that was blocking me was trying to paint on the floor – after I moved studios I had nothing to paint on – this solved the problem! I much prefer painting flat – never really been into easels.
Come in past my dad’s pots and paintings… (colour runs in the family!!)
My work bookshelf, paintings, creative altar and there, on the wall, behind the  rainbow mama’s head, is the plan for the next BIG book!
Colour is where I’m at right now – I am LOVING it so much. Even more than usual (is that possible?)

I was running out of a number of colours, so I looked up my dealer of choice (Jacksons online) for my drug of choice: Golden brand fluid acrylics. I was almost out of a number of my favourite colours: Quincriadone Magenta (don’t you just LOVE the name?!), Azo gold, Ultramarine Blue (phthalo green shade) and Dioxine Purple. And tried some new colours – LOOK at that Teal and Cobalt Turquoise. Pyrol Red would make any vampire happy. And the Diarylide Yellow (sounds like it would make you REALLY hyper if you consumed it at a kids birthday party!!! – or it’s what you’d reach for for a case of delhi belly! It was instant color-gasm!

Unfortuantely they didn’t arrive on a work day, so I went up to unpack them, and 40 canvases ( eeeeeeeeeeeekkkkkkkkkk!!) and some new brushes, with my sweet 3 year old in tow. She LOVES unpacking AND painting. So we cracked out the canvases (I had bought lots of little canvases for the kiddies as I often have painting helpers!

So my first shot of course was with the Teal and Turquoise. Onto my “Blood Maiden Butterfly” picture which had been stuck. OH they made it come alive! Then a glaze of Quincriadone Magenta over everything and suddenly the colours were jewel like. On went purple and yellow, and it’s nearly there…

When I saw all the blues I thought to myself, must try them watery to make a beautiful sea-scape, as watered down they are like the most vibrant watercolours you’ve ever seen. Ash obviously read my mind, because that’s what she did, all by herself. She loved the little wooden stretching pins which come with each canvas, and chose to stick them on all over.

And to get the full feel of painting with me, this is the sound track to my painting – inherited from the Bloom True class I did online with US artist Flora Bowley. Kyrstyn Pixton – like Florence and the Machine meets Tori Amos. Her first track, Crusade  is my all time fav. It is FREE to listen to. Though I will be paying for my own download copy. 
I am not affiliated in any way to any of the products I have mentioned – I just love them!

I’m hoping to do an exhibition later in the year. And also to have a couple of Open Studio days. The new paintings will also be added to my greetings card range – nearly out of stock again!! I’m also going to be looking into how to provide larger prints of my paintings – so many people have asked at this stage – if you’re an artist can  you let me know who you use to make great quality art prints?

It has been so exciting working on commissions this year – one for a book cover, one for a girl’s empowerment workshop and a couple for JUNO magazine. If you’re looking to commission an image, do drop me a line lucy @ thehappywomb. com. Or if you spot an original work, do inquire about prices – most are available for sale!

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