Happy Birthday to Me!!!

This year I’m celebrating!!! Not usually being one for birthdays – they tend to bring me out in panic attacks and turn me into a sobbing wreck – this year I’ve approached it a bit differently – with a month of self-nurturing, informally known as “the month of me” – I was going to blog about it here, but found I needed it to be private, to be focused on me… rather than feeling a duty to share it with everyone else.

So instead I wanted to share the love another way, as I come out the other side of the month of me… and offer you 1% off the price of my books for every year of my life…

Just how old am I? Well my body and soul feel 43, or even 53 (which would be GREAT for your discount!!), which except for the creaky knees, rapidly whiting hair and crunching pelvis, is a good thing – it’s the age I always imagined I needed to be to become myself in my fullness –  which I have felt for the first time this past year. But actually my birth cert tells me that I’m turning 33. Still can’t believe I’m that “young”!

So I’m offering 33% off ALL of my books: MOON TIME; MOODS OF MOTHERHOOD  and REACHING FOR THE MOON (NOT cards, moon dials or gift sets) bought from The Happy Womb. You can buy as many as you want in one order – you get 33% off EVERY copy you buy, from the moment you get this email, until 20th June 23:00 (MST) (relax European friends, it’s a US time, you’ll all be fast asleep – except me, cos I’ll be up pre-dawn to go to a very special women’s performance with my soul sister! )

Use  discount code BDAY33 when you reach the shopping cart to avail of your 33% discount.

(All books come signed with a Dreaming Aloud bookmark. Irish customers will find a partial postage refund in their package to reflect postage costs.)

The plan is, I share this discount code with you as a gift. You buy all the books from my site that you’ve been longing for, but lack of cash has stood in your way. I pack them up and send them out on Friday, before heading off on our family holiday for more soul- nourishment (Barcelona here we come!!!) whilst you luxuriate in my books and get some much needed women’s soul-magic, which is, I promise you, contained within their pages.

So stock up on my titles you haven’t yet read. Treat yourself to the paperback versions of Kindle versions you may have gotten for free. Get a gift of one for a sister, daughter, niece or friend… This is, and will be, the biggest DISCOUNT sale of my books ANY WHERE this year. So HURRY!!! and remember to use  discount code BDAY33 when you reach the shopping cart to avail of your 33% discount.

And what can you give me for my birthday? (Thank you for asking!) I’d love a review on Amazon… or Good Reads… or your blog.

Thank YOU!

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