Never believe me when I say…

This post was inspired by two things which happened moments apart. The first, my seven year old peeping over the top of my lap top, and saying in an incredulous voice: “Are you writing another book? I thought you weren’t doing any more!” ( It was the girl’s version of Moon Time, I’m submitting for the proof copy today!) And then I walked outside and saw the lovely vegetable garden my husband has just dug for us, and recalled vividly telling a soul sister last week that I was done with growing my own veg! (The seedlings are ready to go in!)

So we’re friends now and I guess I need to just clarify a few things I may write here. Or say out loud to you. So here, just for you, are the things you should never believe me when I say…

Just one more minute. (It’ll always be more like ten. Especially if I’m “finishing a page” or “just writing one more sentence” or on Pinterest.)

I’m not a good mother. (Sometimes I convince myself that my impatience means I’m not. And I like to say it out loud to reassure others. But I am.)

I’m not going to write another book this year. (Even my kids now know this is not true!)

I don’t know. (I can figure it out. I probably just don’t want to answer. Or think. Or would prefer you to do it yourself!)

I’m not doing it! (I will, just give me five minutes, or a day, to get my head around it!)

I’m never…/ I hate…  (See above, I am guaranteed to change my mind! Guaranteed!)

I’m full (I will ALWAYS eat more. Unless I don’t like what you’ve just given me!)

I don’t have time. (No actually, if I say that it’s usually true!)

What are yours?

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