I don’t know what’s wrong with my child… (and an almost magic bullet)

If you’re a parent, I need you to read this post.

And then I need you to share it with every parent you know.

Not because it’s particularly well written, or because I’m trying to build my blog readership. And not because I’m being paid – I’m not.

But because the information below changed my life. And those of lots of other parents and children who were suffering, really suffering, and didn’t know what was wrong.

And it’s something so simple. Not mumbo jumbo or new-fangled. But a simple, age-old child-health issue that is not well-publicised. And it needs to be, because according to medical research it affects 70% of children in the UK.

If you have kids between 2-7 and they are:

  • out-of-character
  • agitated
  • uncomfortable in their skins
  • tantrumming a lot
  • nightwaking, agitated at night – twitching, crying out in sleep
  • really angry
  • tummy aches, constipation
  • itching their bum and/ or vulva
  • craving sugar…

Then I really recommend you read on. And if it doesn’t apply to you now, file it in your brain for future reference. (And what I’m writing about isn’t exclusive to this age range at all, it can affect the whole family – it just seems to be the most common age and the most severe symptoms.)

Our story…

We couldn’t cope. Really couldn’t cope.

Our child was tantruming multiple times a day. (EDITED We now know that one of our children is autistic which made the response more severe).  She was deeply uncomfortable in her skin. She was on sugar benders, endlessly needing more food, never satisfied. Nightwaking. Furious on waking, going straight into a tantrum. Grinding her teeth. We didn’t know what was wrong, or what we could do. Month after month. The doctor couldn’t help nor could books, school, friends, family or Dr Google. And then our second daughter started to echo this behaviour.

And then, one day, when I was melting down on a private Facebook group, another mother made a suggestion that changed our lives.

Have you considered worms? she suggested, tactfully.

No, not earthworms, but tiny worms, threadworms, pin worms, that live in the guts, and come out and lay their eggs at night.

I know, it ain’t pleasant, and I’m sorry if I’ve just put you off your breakfast.

Sure I knew about worms – I had looked out for them, considered them as a possibility. I had checked her poos, and she didn’t seem to itch her bum: my girls had none of the well-known signs. So I had discounted them.

But this mama said, and I say too, that all the symptoms that I listed at the top of the post, are the other, real symptoms which are less well publicised, that we parents aren’t aware of. But they are on the homeopathic list of symptoms for worms. And on the piece of paper that comes with the medication for them. And what is more, your kiddies might not have all the symptoms, just one, or a couple . And a lot of them are common behaviours for kiddies that age anyway. And if the infestation has been going on for a while, you might just think that your child is just a very challenging child, or going through the terrible twos, or have a food intolerance, or is quite disturbed…


First we tried the homeopathic treatment on the recommendation of a trained homeopath mama on the same Facebook page: Cina. We could only get 6C in our local area and it didn’t work. Apparently you need 30C or 200C. (Again I ain’t a homeopath, get further advice).

So then we tried the over the counter cure – (in Ireland it is available without prescription, it is my understanding that a prescription is needed in the UK and US). Vermox. It is a one tablet treatment. A pack of 6 tablets costs €3.50, and the whole family needs to be treated at the same time, the same as with nits and other infectious parasites. It is not an expensive or lengthy treatment. And the tablets are chewable or can be swallowed in one. We all found them easy to take.

Within three days we had our girls back again. They were sleeping, not sugar craving, infintely calmer. We went from 2-3 tantrums a day, to 1 in a whole 3 weeks. We went from school refusing to happily skipping off to school with a smile on her face. The anger was gone. The tooth grinding was much less. The sore yoni, the wriggling, the constipation. Gone, gone, gone.

I don’t mean to be evangelical, but that is the truth. For the first time in months, perhaps a year, parenting our children was a pleasure, they were happy, relaxed.

And all because of one tiny tablet.

And they are not without mild side effects. We all had tummy aches for a few days. But even us adults felt better, and again we had had no itchy bum symptoms either.

And then, three weeks later, to the day, the symptoms started to come on again. At exactly the time a second follow up dose is required. Then we knew we were not living in cloud cuckoo land, that it definitely was not a placebo. Another dose, and three days later calm was restored. Our first dose was 2nd of February. That was the day our lives changed. And since then we have had 2 tantrums!

Now I know many of you natural mamas don’t like medication. That’s fine, find your own paths. There are natural remedies, like garlic on the butt hole, and hideous herbal concoctions. But even the writers of books on herbal remedies admit how hard it is to treat naturally, and how easy it is with one, possibly two hits of Vermox.

 A little more about worms:

The eggs are tiny, pretty much invisible to the naked eye, the females (thin white threads about 5-10 mm long) crawl out of the guts where they live to lay them round the anus at night, their life cycle is about 3 weeks.

You don’t catch them from family pets, but from fruit and veggies, and from other people – think about little kiddies itching their bottoms and then, at some point putting their fingers in your mouth or theirs, or on something that goes into your mouth, that’s why they’re so easy to catch, and spread so quickly amongst little kids. Their eggs can even be transported as dust. See more here

Along with treatment, you need to make sure bedding is washed regularly, and handwashing is prioritised.

In the past families used to worm their kiddies a couple of times a year, just like they do with their family pets. But now we are not told about it.

On a mission…

So I’m making it my mission to change that. We have told the school. I am going to write something for school. And am going to approach our health authorities. All it would take is an information leaflet given to every parent at the two-year-old check up. Just a mention to parents at well-child check ups. Because it’s 70% of kids we’re talking about. And it’s something which doctors aren’t talking about (I took both my girls for check ups with all of these “other” symptoms mentioned and neither doctor picked up on it as a possibility.) It’s only a little thing, but it has such an enormous effect on children’s, and family’s lives.

I am writing this post, because everyone who knows me says I must. Because of how much it has changed our lives. And how it could change yours.

Please note I am NOT since last time you read this suddenly a medical doctor – so do your own research, ask a professional, talk to your doctor, your pharmacist, be a grown up! But I just really wanted you to know.

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